New Software Internship Opportunities for UWM and MSOE Students

Looking for a creative and challenging development internship? Apply for one of MSI Data’s permanent software engineering internships, set to begin this Fall.

  • This Fall, MSI Data will begin offering permanent internship positions for computer science or software engineering students from both UW-Milwaukee and MSOE. Depending on the outcome of the internship, interning students will have the opportunity to move into a full-time development position upon graduation. If an intern becomes a full-time employee at MSI Data or leaves the internship, the position will open for a new student, so there will continuously be one intern per school.

    Who Benefits?

    This permanent software engineering internship benefits everyone involved. It was created to provide computer science and engineering students interested in a software engineering career a paid internship opportunity to develop their skills, bolster their resume, and identify potential full-time employment. It also benefits MSI Data because, as a growing company, the need for software developers is high and the internship helps identify potential candidates for full-time software engineering positions.

    What You Need to Know.

    The internship is geared towards juniors and seniors in a computer science concentration interested in software engineering. Students who earn the internship have the option of interning full time or part time depending on his or her class schedule. If necessary, the intern may earn course credits while working.

    MSI Data will be hiring to fill the following two software engineering positions:

    .NET Mobile Software Development

    .NET Web Software Development

    If either of these sound like a potential career path, you should apply for this internship.

    Why Apply?

    As a small, but growing start-up company, developers at MSI Data are able to learn the ins and outs of the software industry without being glued to one project or task. The team atmosphere and flexibility on the job allow developers to get creative and contribute to an exciting industry and environment. Check out why current software developers think MSI Data is a great place to work as they explain in their own words.

    If you are interested in either the UWM CEAS or MSOE software engineering internship position, please email your resume and cover letter to

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