MSI to Present Mobile Field Service as Key Industry Driver for Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers

MSI invited to AEM and ED forum 2017

Heavy Equipment Case Study to Demonstrate Mobile Service Impact at AEM/AED Forum

MSI Data is proud to have been invited to the Drivers of Industry Forum, hosted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and Associated Equipment Distributors (AED). At this annual event, attendees seek to learn about industry best practices as well as find ways to utilize new trends and technology to maximize efficiency and revenue. MSI will be one of many to present.

What We’ll Present:

MSI will use their real industry customer case studies to demonstrate the value of heavy equipment manufacturers and expansive dealer networks aligning end-user data collection and telematics with production-level impact and responsiveness. Through the use of IoT enabled machinery and intuitive mobile process flows for field technicians and inspectors, Dealers and Manufactures alike benefit from enhanced field intelligence, customer satisfaction, predictive data analytics, and actionable equipment insight.

Who We’re Presenting To:

AEM and AED are partner associations geared towards heavy equipment manufacturers and their dealer networks. Stakeholders from all levels of those organizations, as well as industry influencers, work together on understanding the future impact of economic, environmental, political and technological factors within this multi-billion dollar industry.

Why It’s Important:

The heavy equipment industry faces a significant blind spot with so much business happening remotely in the field. Equipment performance, preventive maintenance triggers, and warranty management are just a few examples of the direct financial impact around your service operations. Prioritizing the collection of that data in the field positions manufacturers and dealers to make strategic decisions and maximize profit throughout the life of their equipment.

As a leader in mobile field service technology, MSI Data is proud to present alongside some of the most innovative companies within the heavy equipment space. The AEM/AED Forum: Drivers of Industry event will be held in Rosemont, IL. Members of either organization can register here.

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MSI to Present Mobile Field Service as Key Industry Driver for Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers by