Service Manager

Service managers are the backbone of your field service organization. Make sure they’re equipped with the organizational tools to get the job done right.

service manager

As the service manager of a field service organization, your responsibilities can be steep, ranging from selling services and monitoring field performance to assigning, scheduling, and managing overall office operations. With the the inevitable challenges that are sure to arise, it’s nice to know there are solutions to help you overcome the specific difficulties you deal with every day.

Field service management software from MSI Data’s suite of field workforce automation can help service managers manage a team of technicians, turn a profit for the company, and tackle service-specific difficulties. The following table reveals common challenges service managers confront and how specific features in MSI Data’s field service software suite can help.



Operational Transparency Portals

Service Portals: The web portals function in Service Pro lets service managers create web pages with customizable widgets that raise visibility of key operational statistics and updates on any device with internet.

    Facilitate participation from key stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Technicians
  • Executives
Learn more about how Service Pro web portals can make your company more connected and transparent.
Initiating and Renewing Service Contracts By Role Service Management

Service Management Software: Integrated quoting capabilities for technicians in Service Pro can take some of the sales pressure off the service manager and by automating service contracts in the system, service managers can easily input information that will prompt and schedule PM visits over the long-term.

    Gain Control of Your Service Operation with Service Pro®:

  • Efficiently Take and Dispatch Service Calls
  • Proactively Monitor Service Performance
  • Seamless Communication with Service Technicians
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks
  • Provide Faster Response
  • Improve Service Levels
Interested in learning more? Find out how you can capitalize on your ROI with Service Pro, Field Service Management Software.

Utilization of Billable HoursBy Role Mobile

Mobile Field Service: By equipping techs with mobile devices, service managers can use mobile field service software to capitalize on technicians’ number of billable hours.

    Service Pro® Mobile Technician Features:

  • Automatically Receive Work Orders and Set Statuses Throughout Course of Work
  • Receive Call Notes, Contacts and Alerts on Mobile Device
  • Instantly Access Customer Equipment Asset Service History
  • View Customer Equipment Asset Contract and Warranty Coverage
  • Easily Record Work Order Labor Time, Parts/Inventory and Tasks
  • Quickly Perform Completely Electronic Inspections
  • Capture Photos and Signatures
  • Record Work with or without Wireless Connectivity

Interested in learning more? Check out how Service Pro Mobile can increase customer satisfaction by letting techs perform jobs faster and with higher first-time fix rates.

Efficient Scheduling By Role Scheduler 2

Field Service Scheduling: Service Pro’s visual scheduler lets managers adjust assigned jobs based on technician’s proximity to the job, their skill set, and their availability. And with a built in drag-and-drop assignment tool, it’s easy to adjust and reschedule technicians for any job changes.

    Service Pro Field Service Scheduling Software Features:

  • Automated Communication with Technician Devices
  • Quick and Simple Drag and Drop Assignments
  • Single View of Service Technicians’ Work Status
  • Visual Proximity of Technicians to Customer Sites
  • Auto Sort by Required Technician Skill Set
  • Customize Visual Scheduler to Your Business
  • Deploy Hosted or On-Premise
Learn more about how Service Pro’s Visual Scheduler can be a software power tool for your field service schedulers.
Time Between Service and Billing Invoice By Role Events Manager

Alerts, Escalations, and Workflows: With Service Pro Events Manager, service managers can set up automatic alerts, which trigger an email (or other form of message alert) as soon as a work order is closed by a technician so there is no unnecessary time between the time of service and the billing for those services.

    Use Service Pro Events Manager for alerts and workflows:

  • Mobile
  • Scheduling
  • Service Contracts
  • Inventory
Learn more about how you can keep your organization alert and in-the-know with Service Pro Events Manager.

These are just a few of the challenges service managers face on a daily basis. Field service management software not only makes the service manager’s job easier, but also improves productivity and efficiency and increases profits and customer satisfaction for the entire service organization.

See how an investment in Service Pro can help your organization increase productivity and performance levels. Request a demo today!