4 Reasons Why It’s Important for Field Service Customers to Have Last Mile Visibility

Field Service Technician last mile visibility - MSI

After reading a recent post on this blog by Sophie Piotrowski, A review of 5 useful new tech tools coming soon to a service van near you, I was inspired to share my thoughts on a related topic.

Everyone at Glympse is a tech geek, and so when we see signs that the cutting edge tools the field service industry has been anticipating for years are ready for the mainstream, we get pretty excited. We know our field service customers are too!

Yet here at Glympse we are also firm believers that the successful use of technology and innovation to drive measurable change in the field service journey starts with one simple thing: better communication and clear insight for customers leading up to a field service appointment. We call it last mile visibility.

Our take: If the field service experience doesn’t start off on a high note, no amount of phenomenal on-site service or bleeding-edge tech will help save the day. Even worse, think of all the field service appointments that never even happen because customers get so frustrated before someone even arrives at the front door that they leave.

Did you know that 30 percent of consumers admit to missing a previously scheduled service appointment? Our recent research study, the 2018 State of Last Mile Service & Delivery, digs deeper into the top reasons they miss those appointments. Customers say it’s because:

  • Their technician did not show up on time
  • Something urgent with work or family came up
  • They forgot about the appointment
  • The company didn’t communicate with them when to expect someone to arrive
  • They couldn’t figure out how to cancel or reschedule the appointment
  • They didn’t trust the person at my door

All of these can be easily prevented with better communication tools available during the last mile of field service.

The challenging aspect is that while 95 percent of customers consider tracking tools that provide insight about the status and estimated time of arrival (ETA) for an upcoming delivery or home service useful, most are not willing to pay extra for this experience.

The takeaway from all these polls and questions is clear. Real-time visibility for deliveries is no longer optional. It’s now table stakes for any last mile customer experience. And if you want to do better than average, you’ll have to deliver more than simple ETAs and notifications.

That’s where Glympse comes in. We offer a fully branded, customer-facing web-based experience that provides progressive appointment insight ultimately culminating in a real-time map view and ETA countdown of a technician en route. Once the service is complete, we even help you collect and respond to customer feedback right away.

In some cases our customers have seen double-digit NPS growth in just the first few weeks after adding a live map technician tracking experience.

So, our research and results show that an “Uber-like” last mile view is important to increase customer satisfaction and reduce frustration. But besides the obvious, there’s plenty of other reasons to add real-time visibility to your last mile communications strategy for field services.

1. More efficient and less costly field service operations.

Adding Glympse reduces customer no-shows or not-at-homes by 10 percent immediately and over 20 percent overall. Moreover, our customers experience fewer cancellations and reschedules, which means they collect revenue faster and with less operating overhead.

Finally, consider the simple efficiencies of a technician’s everyday interactions. Customers have been known to block off parking spaces with cones on busy streets, put the dog away and greet technicians at the door to ensure faster, smoother access to the job site.

2. Less pressure and a lower cost burden on your customer care team.

Based on our experience working with field service teams of all types and sizes, we’ve learned that as much as 20 percent of calls to customer care are to inquire about the status of an appointment or field service representative. Those are expensive live agent inquiries.

Our customers use Glympse to offer step-by-step visibility and facilitate two-way communication between customers and technicians and/or back office staff. Some have reduced “Where’s my technician?” calls by more than 25 percent, plus many deflect those inquiries to lower cost care channels like chat and IVR, initiated directly within the web-based Glympse Journey experience.

3. Better relationships between field service technicians and customers.

Can you imagine being so happy to see your broadband technician that you actually brew him a cup of coffee and have it ready as he knocks at the door?

That’s exactly what happened at Sky, the leading broadband provider in the UK. Check out the Glympse blog to read the full story on how we are helping redefine the meaning of engagement between field service technicians and end customers.

4. Opportunities to drive revenue.

The average end customer of a Glympse powered experience spends more than 5 minutes actively engaged with the web-based journey viewer. For advanced field service teams, that’s a chance to provide personalized offers and upsells while the technician is already onsite. That’s also a big opportunity to convert more quick sales that require no incremental fulfillment costs. Or, to advertise related products, programs etc, to a captive customer base. You can’t buy that kind of precision with any standard targeted programmatic display advertising for any CPM.

It’s for all these reasons and more that we are so excited to partner with MSI Data. They offer a fantastic solution that helps companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field workforce. We’re proud to be the final piece that will ensure MSI Data customers can add interactive, last mile customer engagement and visibility to every single field service journey.

Kayleigh Halko, Channel Partnerships at Glympse