9 New iPhone or iPad Features Your Service Technicians Should Know

iPhone updates for service technicians
As technology improves and continues to make daily tasks more efficient, people are finding it difficult to pick up a pencil and paper over these new alternatives. Since technology is becoming more prominent in day to day activities and in the workplace, it is important to stay informed of the newest features. Apple, for example, is constantly coming out with improvements to their iPhones and iPads, and if you don’t stay current with these efficiencies, you may fall behind competitors who are already up to date. Below are nine new iPhone features that service technicians should know in order to remain working as effective as possible.

1. Customizable Control Center Gives Better Access to Frequently Used Apps

This new iOS11 update for iPhone and iPad now gives users the power to redesign their control center to better fit what they use the most. With this new feature you can now easily toggle between frequently used apps. Therefore, giving you quick access to common field tools and allowing you to hop to mobile tools from directly within your field service software or other applications. Set up for this feature is as simple as going into settings and adding or removing the apps you desire. Apple also gives you the option to organize the order of controls.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time on Writing Commonly Used Phrases

Having to constantly type out words that you are frequently using in the workplace can be tedious, however, Apple has found a way to limit this repetitive work. With keyboard shortcuts you can now formulate codes for common words or phrases, and your iPhone or iPad will finish your sentences…literally. This function is fully customizable to your company. For example, to save time on writing frequent notes such as “replaced parts” just type “#rep” and your Apple product will complete the phrase for you. This feature works offline, unlike talk-to-text, and is easy to implement. All you need to do is add your phrase and whatever corresponding shortcut you decide into your settings.

3. Markup Inspection and Asset Photos Help Annotate Serviceable Item Photos

Apple continues to make the use of paper and pencil obsolete, especially with their new markup feature on iOS11. With this update, simply screenshot a photo, find it from the bottom left hand corner, then begin to mark it up. This feature allows you to write with different colors, crop the image, add text, and add a signature. Afterward, this is saved to photos and is readily available for sharing. You can now annotate serviceable item photos to identify issues or problem areas and add valuable callouts to inspections . This update eliminates any excessive app switching.

Technicians can annotate photos using iPhone/iPad

4. Water/Dust Resistant iPhone 8 and X Protect Your Phone from Harsh Conditions

This feature new to iPhone 8 and X is pretty self explanatory. This redevelopment makes the iPhones resistant to excessive dust and water up to one meter deep. You no longer have to spend time or money looking for a case that will protect your phone from these circumstances. You can now freely use your phone or app on site without worrying about exposing it to harsh conditions.

5. Face ID Sign in iPhone X Make for Quick Log in and Enhanced Security

This feature on the iPhone X eradicates any need for a written password to get into your phone. All you do is hold your face in front of your phone, it will be recognized and access into the phone will be given. If your hands are busy and you’re finding it difficult to type in a password, this feature adds convenience for you. This improves security and keeps your confidential information even more safe.

6. iPad Multitasking Eliminates Frequent App Switching

Apple attempts to make our day to day tasks even more convenient with this next update. This feature allows you to have two apps open side by side on your iPad, thus limiting redundant app switching. All your recently used apps remain in the bottom dock, making your most frequently used apps easy to find. The drag and drop feature also lets you easily move pictures, links, files etc. from one app to the next…no more constantly having to play around with copy and paste.

Technician can multitask with apps on iPhone or iPad

7. Hands Free “Hey Siri” Allows for Quicker Access to Siri

Don’t have a free hand to access Siri? No worries, because with this update Siri responds to you simply when you say “Hey Siri”. This feature is completely hands free and doesn’t require you to hold down the home button like the iPhone previously called for. If you’re on site busy with something but need to access Siri, just say “Hey Siri” followed by your request and your phone will handle everything for you. This feature works with Bluetooth as well. Simply go into settings and turn on the “Listen for “Hey Siri”” button.

8. Scan and Sign is an Easy Transition from Paper to Phone

The transition from paper to app has been made effortless with this new iPhone improvement. iOS11 now lets you scan a document right from your phone. Once the document is scanned you can mark it up, add signatures and readily share them to other apps. This eliminates the hassle of scanning a document on your printer and uploading it to your phone. Everything is done right on your iPhone or iPad. Just go into notes, press the “+” symbol on the bottom right of the page, and you’re ready to scan.

Technicians can scan and save documents using iPhone/iPad

9. Files App Organizes Files into One Location

All your files can now easily be found in one collective place with iOS11’s new files app. This feature organizes all your files in one place, and gives you offline access to all your PDF’s. No matter if you’re in a basement or in the middle of a field, you can still connect to your files. There is a dedicated area for your recently used files, so you don’t have to go back and search for a file that you need quick access to. This feature also lets you sort your files by name, date, size and tags. Therefore, again, letting you quickly find important files.


Now that most of your work can be done right in the palm of your hand, is it crucial for your service technicians to stay current with your phone or tablet’s newest features. These updates can benefit both you, your employer, and can help you get ahead of the competition. Hop on your device now and see first hand how these features can pay off.

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