How Sage 100 Users will benefit from an Integration with ServicePro 10®

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Learn about all the ways your business can become more efficient through an integration between Sage and Service Pro 10.

Sage 100 ERP users that rely on field service or repair center operations often piece together paper forms and Sage back office functionality to manage their entire service business. But getting a technician with the right skills and right parts to the customer at the time promised is difficult when you’re piecing together tens or hundreds of jobs a day. That’s why there’s a vast difference between mobile-technology-enabled field service companies and those still using clipboards or spreadsheets.
Service Pro 10– MSI’s cloud based field service management solution- recently expanded its integration with Sage 100 to make it easier than ever for Sage ERP users to excel in field service.

Here are a few key benefits Service Pro adds to Sage ERP solutions.

Constant Visibility in the Field with Mobile Field Service App

The best solutions for field service include access to service history as well as visibility into on-site parts, inventory in vans and the ability to inspect the equipment during a repair call. Furthermore, solutions that allow technicians in the field and employees in the back office to communicate with ease are essential to successful organization. Service Pro 10 allows your company to work as a lean organization and gives you real-time visibility so that you never need to worry about what your technicians are doing in the field.

Faster and More Accurate Customer Invoicing

The Service Pro 10 integration for Sage allows for faster invoicing from the field so it’s quicker and more efficient to bill the customer. Service Pro 10 syncs with your work orders and references payroll to create labor based quotes for billing and for many field service organizations, faster invoicing ranks #1 on their priority list. Through an integration with Service Pro, you can get the bill out as fast as same-day.

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Instant Capture of Equipment Condition and Customer Work Authorization

Today, more so than ever before, image sharing is becoming a necessary business tool. In the field service industry, photo capture is especially imperative. Customers do not always know how to accurately describe their problem to schedulers or technicians. With a Service Pro 10 integration, users are able to document their issues with the use of their mobile camera. This increases efficiency for customers, technicians and schedulers.

Assign the Right Technician to the Job the First Time

Customers have different needs and technicians have different skill sets; thus your back office needs to make sure that technician’s skill sets match the needs of the customer. Service Pro 10 makes this process swift and easy. This application allows for schedulers to sort technicians by the specialties and proximity to the customer. This action increases customer retention by making sure that the consumer gets the best technician for the job in the shortest amount of time.

Conclusion- An integration between Sage 100 and Service Pro 10 is profitable

Through the live two-way integration between Service Pro 10 and Sage, users are able to operate their business at the highest levels. Sage’s industry leading ERP systems combine with Service Pro’s top cloud-based field service management solution create an incredibly strong partnership that streamlines complex service operations.
Learn more about Service Pro 10 by watching our webinar for Sage 100 ERP users.

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