Automation to drive growth, Insight to see Behind Data, Agility to drive Adaptability: Our takeaways from SuiteWorld 2021

MSI Data team recently returned from SuiteWorld 2021, NetSuite’s largest community gathering of industry leaders, product experts, partners and most importantly, NetSuite users. After last year’s conference being postponed, we were thrilled to reconnect in person with our customers, NetSuite partners, and developers.

Much of the event’s theme was automation, insight and agility, and how these three subjects need to be addressed for businesses to succeed in today’s landscape and help customers “power their growth.”


In this article, we’ll detail three key takeaways we gathered from the series of keynotes and one-on-one conversations we had at SuiteWorld 2021.


1) Automation to Drive Growth


Technology is transforming the business ecosystem. One of its hottest trends is business process automation. The best thing about it is that you can automate almost any business process, from customer service to inventory management.

Automation plays a central role in business success in 2021. While it may seem like an unnecessary investment for a small business, it can drive business growth and innovation in multiple ways. Our product Service Pro® software was created with the same idea: to provide NetSuite ERP users with a powerful, integrated application for automating field service management tasks for field technicians.



2) Insight to See Behind Data


Many businesses use data to support their decisions instead of driving their actions. Turning data into actionable insights can be an unstructured process. That’s where NetSuite partners and their products, Service Pro being one of them, brings important business data to your devices and based on those insights you can make decisions for your next steps and what issues are worth further investigation.

“There’s more data than ever,” said NetSuite founder and Executive Vice President Evan Goldberg. “But besides just being able to see that data on the screen, you want to see behind it. You want to extract value — that’s the business’ X-ray vision.”


3) Agility to Drive Adaptability


For better or for worse, 2020 has been rooted in crisis; a turning point through which change has come. This year has forced us into change, and that change can turn into favorable business outcomes, but it requires enterprise adaptability and agility mindset.

Being able to take advantage of opportunities born from crisis such as accelerating change, increasing resiliency, and identifying lessons learned relies heavily on how well you enable an enterprise-wide mindset that’s focused on adaptability and agility. This year each business faced challenges that drove leaders to take unique approaches to optimize inventory levels, enter new channels and set up a continuous scenario planning process through the NetSuite platform.


“Nothing is better than seeing customers and prospective customers in person, to hear first-hand how they want to get their field service jobs done alongside NetSuite.”
-Geoff Surkamer, CEO of MSI Data.


Overall, we had a great time and loved reconnecting with the NetSuite community, hearing about the latest features and the roadmap to the future. We can’t wait to be back in Las Vegas for next year’s SuiteWorld in September!


Drive new levels of productivity and effectiveness in your field service business with comprehensive, cloud-based Service Pro® software for NetSuite. From deep service operations management functionality in the back office to mobile technician apps in the field, Service Pro® has the features your service team needs to succeed. Tasks like inspections, billing, renewals, and invoicing will be faster and have fewer discrepancies.


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