Hands Free: On Mobile Device Usage in Field Service

Hands-Free Driving

Just yesterday, Information Week published an article about Steve R. Spriggs, a man in California given a citation for using the navigation on his phone while driving. The article continued by pointing out that any form of cell phone usage that requires hands, including navigation, is illegal in California. This is contrary to some people’s belief that only talking, texting and listening are banned.

The issue of hands-free mobile devices definitely hits home for field service fleets, where technicians who spend a majority of their time on the road constantly have to use their mobile device to get directions, access work order details, communicate with their office and so forth. With so much distracted driving, it’s only a matter of time before accidents happen.

That’s why we here at MSI feel the need to stress that one of our most awesome integrations directly addresses the issue of hands free driving. Our TomTom WEBFLEET integration instills the power of ServicePro® into TomTom GPS devices. That way, instead of using a mobile device to look up directions or work order details, field technicians can access all the information they need through their heads-up navigation system.

They can have access to details of the work order they’re assigned, their customer’s address and turn-by-turn voice navigation to the jobsite, all through the same hands-free device. Additionally, once a technician starts navigating to a jobsite, TomTom calculates the ETA and shoots it directly to ServicePro. ServicePro then sends that ETA straight to the customer by whatever means desired. This way, the technician doesn’t have the hassle of contacting the customer to let them know he/she is on the way.

What are some new ways you’ve seen field service organizations deal with keeping their technicians’ hands on the wheel?

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