The Paperless Trail: Modernizing Mobile Field Service

As time marches on, enterprise mobility is becoming more important for companies with a field workforce. Businesses from all sectors are looking to free their workforce from the constraints of paper forms and office hardware so they can reach maximum efficiency in our tech-centered world. IT, healthcare, retail; all of these industries are gearing up to adapt to the changing business interfaces and evolving consumer preferences that will soon dominate the mobile market.

And as an industry that lives on the wheels of service vans, field service has to be at the forefront of this modernization. That means that leading organizations have to be making mobile field service a top priority for their business as they plan the road ahead.

But what does mobile field service actually look like? What tools do technicians need to be outfitted with in order to conduct it successfully? What service-related capabilities must they possess to handle the processes? What about dispatch and management and their roles in transforming the organization to a mobile powerhouse? All of these questions and more need to be addressed by field service stakeholders before a company can take steps in the mobile direction.

That’s why here at MSI, we’re putting together a new content series called “The Paperless Trail”. The series will be comprised of multiple blog posts as well as a downloadable document at the end for your own personal reference. Each blog post will go into detail on a single aspect of the “truly mobile” field service process. And by the end of the series, you’ll have a well-constructed and in-depth understanding of best practices in field service mobility.

The series will cover mobile processes from various service-based perspectives, so it will be perfect for service managers and technicians alike. Truly, if your organization is looking to navigate the changing landscape of technology-driven field service, then this series is right for you. This week, we covered technician access to cloud-hosted information and what kind of data technicians need in order to operate at a best-in-class level.

A Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Field Service Software: 9 Tips for Choosing a Mobile Solution

Manual paper logs are becoming increasingly incapable of keeping up with the current data loads of modern field service. Having a comprehensive mobile solution is necessary to keep in line with the ever changing landscape. Learn important tips, guiding questions, and to-do’s in our free, educational whitepaper: “A Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Field Service Software.”

buyer's guide to mobile field service software

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