How American Changer Uses Service Pro to Create Consistent Customer Experience – [Case Study]

service pro with macola integration

“Our mission is to provide the best products, quick delivery, customer service and technical support to our customers.”

American Changer Case Study


You know those change machines at laundromats or the token machines at arcades and golf courses? American Changer makes those. Pretty cool, right?

It gets better. Not only does American Changer manufacturer their own machines and electronics, they also have a full token mint in-house and repair their own equipment through a detailed RMA process.


American Changer sells its machines through distributers, but services all parts and machines in-house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With so many responsibilities and moving parts, RMA service work can get pretty messy. Here’s how it works for American Changer, according to Vice President of Customer Service and Technology, Joe Law: When one of the change machines isn’t working, the customer calls in and the receiving clerk logs the call and creates an RMA. Then, the customer sends in the part, the repair technician fixes it, then ships it back to the customer.

This might seem simple enough, but managing this service & repair process from start to finish with paper is a nightmare. Inevitably an RMA gets lost or a machine sits in the warehouse for too long. Without automated notifications to keep operations on track, customer service suffers, and the company loses time and revenue. Not good for a business that prides itself on providing strong customer service and top technical support.


American Changer needed a service management system with RMA capabilities that could integrate with their other enterprise software systems, namely Macola ERP. That’s where Service Pro comes in.

American Changer has been using Service Pro since 2001 (!). They actually started on a different service management system many years ago, but realized they needed something that ran on Windows and their system at the time did not. Since Service Pro runs cross-platform, meeting the need to run on Windows wasn’t a problem. Now, even if American Changer wants to switch platforms, Service Pro can stick around for the transition.


When we spoke with Joe, he said that while he wasn’t with the company when they invested in Service Pro nearly 15 years ago, he likes the way it’s running the service operation today. Here’s why:

  • ERP Integration
  • Back in 2001, American Changer was (and still is) set on sticking with their Macola ERP system. While Service Pro has changed significantly over the 15 year span that American Changer has been a customer, one thing that hasn’t changed is Service Pro’s emphasis on strong integrations. American Changer was already investing in one new software system; they didn’t want to mess with replacing their accounting system too. Service Pro is able to fill in the gaps that Macola is missing, like parts, pricing, and call tracking, while streamlining data across systems.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • According to Joe, there are several ways Service Pro helps support American Changer’s top-notch customer service: “Providing quality support to our customers is a key mission of our company,” said Joe. “Service Pro allows us to keep detailed accounts of our customers and their problems with comprehensive service history. Whenever they call in with a recurring problem, we don’t have to explain everything again. We know what’s wrong, and we know how to fix it.”

  • Time Saved with Ability to Change Parts Pricing Quickly
  • “Time is money,” as they say. Nowhere is that truer than in a B2B business like American Changer. Joe said they have over 1,500 parts in their system, and Service Pro allows for quick and simple parts detail and pricing changes, which for a business that deals with thousands of parts a day, is no small time-saver.

  • Controlled Inventory Management System
  • One of the biggest uses and benefits of Service Pro, said Joe, is that, “Service Pro allows me to see what we have in inventory in real time. I know when a piece of equipment or a part is about to run out of stock, so we can stay on top of purchasing.” American Changer can rest assured that they always have the parts they need on hand, so there’s no lag time in repairing and returning machine components back to the customer.

In it for the Long Haul—American Changer and MSI Talk Future Plans

“Service Pro delivers more features than we use right now,” said Joe. “We may need mobile capabilities in the future as our business model evolves. Right now our machines consist of about 3-4 components. The newer systems we’re working on are more complex with about 20 components. For example, we’re selling a system to the carnival industry that requires regular software updates, monthly data plans, and yearly billing. We have all that set up in Service Pro, so we stay on top of it.”

American Changer also plans on using Service Pro down the line to establish preventive maintenance contracts: “Our newer machines require service contracts, which we will manage through Service Pro,” said Joe. The ability to make regularly scheduled maintenance part of their service business strategy, instead of just relying on RMAs and break-fix work orders, would give American Changer some breathing room with predictable and predictable revenue streams.

No matter where the service road leads, we appreciate the opportunity to help American Changer excel on their journey toward exceptional service & repair!

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