Charter Software Inc. partners with MSI Data to enhance field service management capabilities of the ASPEN Business Management System

<p>LITTLETON, Colorado and MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin—August 3, 2018 </p><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><p> <a href=””>Charter Software Inc.</a>, maker of the ASPEN Business Management System, has partnered with MSI Data to deliver its <a href=””>Service Pro field service management solution</a> to servicing and precision ag dealers who perform equipment or product installations, repair, planned or preventive maintenance, inspection, and other field services. </p><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><p> “We are excited to be able to extend ASPEN’s current field service management functionality through this partnership. Providing rich mobile services like MSI’s Service Pro is a key piece of our overall product vision, and partnering with MSI will help us advance our capabilities” Charter Software President/CEO Anne Salemo said. “Charter believes that mobile service as an extension of the shop, whether working on rental units to increase uptime, or getting customers equipment up and running as quickly as possible, will give our dealers and distributors a competitive advantage”. </p><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><p><b>Through the MSI Data partnership, ASPEN’s current field services will expand to include:</b><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><li> Visibility to where a service tech, customers’ or rental equipment is at any time using telematics. </li><!–mep-nl–><li> Proactive notifications to the dealer when machine maintenance intervals and additional telematics information are available. </li><!–mep-nl–><li> Mobile forms that allow technicians to perform <a href=””>inspections in the field</a>. </li><!–mep-nl–><li> The ability for dealers to respond to service requests in real-time, increasing field resource utilization that improves service cash flow. <!–mep-nl–><li> More effective and timely customer communications. Customers will receive real-time mobile service status updates indicating things like when a technician is en route and/or service work is complete.</li><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><p> “Charter Software has proven its commitment to helping equipment dealers succeed in field service with comprehensive, integrated service, work order and parts management tools,” said Harvey Shovers, MSI President. “MSI is delighted to partner with Charter to offer ASPEN customers advanced mobile, scheduling, inspection and other field service automation capabilities for improved responsiveness and efficiency in repair and maintenance operations.” </p><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><h4>About Charter Software Inc. </h4><!–mep-nl–>Charter Software provides scalable, integrated Microsoft-based business<!–mep-nl–>management software designed to increase communication and profitability across<!–mep-nl–>all departments for equipment dealerships, golf car, and turf distributorships.<!–mep-nl–>ASPEN, Charter Software’s business management software, provides best-in-class<!–mep-nl–>mobile and rental tools that help companies manage multiple aspects of their<!–mep-nl–>business both in and out of the office. Close relationships with the industry’s leading<!–mep-nl–>OEMs and suppliers allows them to create streamlined EPC/e-commerce integration<!–mep-nl–>that strengthens dealers’ and distributors’ connections with their business<!–mep-nl–>partners.<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><h4>Contact Charter Software </h4> <!–mep-nl–>Betsy Chase <!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–>Director of Marketing<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–>5951 S. Middlefield Road, Suite 200 <!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–>Littleton, CO 80123<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–> <!–mep-nl–><br> <!–mep-nl–>(303) 932-6875 <!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><h4> About MSI </h4><!–mep-nl–>MSI has developed a cloud-based enterprise, scheduling and mobile software platform that world class service organizations rely on to automate repair, preventive maintenance, inspections, scheduling, service agreements, parts, assets, IoT and other critical field-driven business processes. MSI replaces paper, spreadsheets, legacy systems and other disconnected business processes with a single cloud platform which automates scheduling and service operations, native, cross-platform mobile app for field technicians, and API for ERP, CRM and accounting systems integration. MSI software is easy to acquire, easy to deploy and delivers rapid return on investment. For more information, please visit <!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><h4> Contact MSI Data </h4><!–mep-nl–>Mike Pandl<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–>VP of Marketing<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–>(262) 241-7800<!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><br><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>