Empower Your Team with NetSuite-Integrated Mobile Field Service

Get the power of NetSuite into the hands of your dispatchers and field techs with a NetSuite-integrated field service mobile app


As a NetSuite ERP user, you already know the powerful capabilities NetSuite offers your accounting group. But what about your scheduling team and your technicians in the field? Can they take advantage of your NetSuite investment, too?

MSI recently presented a webinar, Extend the Power of NetSuite with Field Service Management, to help NetSuite users understand the benefits of NetSuite-integrated mobile field service.

In the webinar, we covered how a NetSuite-connected field service app can:

  • Speed your cash flow
  • Optimize dispatching
  • Eliminate paperwork in the field

Read on to learn how NetSuite-integrated mobile field service management can skyrocket your service business in 2020.


Importance of seamless NetSuite integration for field services

You may be asking yourself, is extending NetSuite into the field really that important? If your business goals include speedy billing and increased billable hours, then you should seriously consider adding NetSuite-connected field service management to your technology stack.

Here’s why.


Same-day billing

Before implementing NetSuite-connected mobile field service management, most field service organizations have a time-consuming, paper-based invoicing process. This manual process usually involves paper work orders changing hands multiple times and re-entering data into multiple systems. It’s not uncommon for these service companies to take up to 30 days to get an invoice out the door.

With Service Pro for NetSuite, technicians can create accurate work orders in the field from their mobile device. They no longer have papers flying around their trucks to record their work – it’s all captured within the Service Pro mobile app.


One day cycle for dispatch, service, and payment with NetSuite-integrated field service from MSI's Service Pro


The paperless work orders automatically flow from the technician’s mobile app directly into NetSuite as soon as the work is completed. This means the back office team no longer needs to waste time re-entering work order data into NetSuite. All the work order data is ready in NetSuite for invoicing the same day services are provided.


More billable hours

It’s every service organization’s goal to get more billable hours out of each of their service technicians. However, without NetSuite-integrated field service management, technicians in the field spend a lot of time filling out paperwork. This limits the number of billable hours each technician can provide in a day.

In addition, these manual processes lack consistency, since it’s difficult to enforce field reporting when it’s on paper. And though handwriting work orders may work when you have only a few field technicians, paper processes do not scale well and can limit the company’s ability to meet customer expectations.


Service Pro for NetSuite showing Cloud-based Field Service Scheduling and Mobile


Using a field service mobile app, service businesses can completely eliminate paperwork while also increasing billable hours. There’s no need for manual data entry thanks to the real-time sync between the field and back office. And fast, easy field reporting ensures consistency from tech to tech.

Service Pro has a highly customizable form builder, so you can translate any paper form into a mandatory task within each work order. Since work orders aren’t on paper, they’re easily scalable to accommodate a high volume of service requests.



By extending NetSuite into the field, you can take on more customer requests without increasing your employee headcount.

Watch the webinar recording now to see NetSuite-connected field service management in action with MSI’s Service Pro.