Webinar Recording for Vista Users: Extend the Power of Vista with Field Service Management

Achieve a faster billing cycle and a higher first-time fix rate while increasing billable hours with a Vista-integrated field service app.


In 2020, your customers are expecting higher quality and more responsive field service than ever. But the nature of service work, such as unpredictable emergency repairs, handwritten work orders, and inconsistent technician productivity, makes it challenging to make customers happy. In fact, nearly 40% of service leaders agree their top challenge is meeting customer demands.

MSI recently presented a webinar, Extend the Power of Vista with Field Service Management, that details how a Vista-integrated mobile app can accelerate your service business growth and drive customer satisfaction.


The webinar covers how to:

  • Slash your weeks-long invoicing process into same-day billing
  • Schedule techs and equipment efficiently to boost your first-time fix rate
  • Eliminate paperwork in the field to increase technicians’ billable hours

Here are just a couple benefits of a Vista-connected mobile app: improved cash cycle and first-time fix rate.


MSI Service Pro for Vista Integrated Field Service Management Back Office Software and Mobile App


Accelerate service to cash cycle

Without an integrated field service management app, it’s not uncommon for service companies to take up to 30 days to get an invoice out to a customer. Because field technicians may submit a stack of handwritten work orders at the end of each week, it’s up to the back office staff to translate the technician’s notes into a customer invoice.

With Service Pro, technicians can create accurate work orders in the field from their mobile device. And those work orders are automatically synced into Vista within minutes, saving the back office staff from having to manually enter them. The back office staff simply creates an invoice with the click of a button and submits it for customer payment – all on the same day of the service being completed.


Improve first-time fix rate

A top complaint for field service customers is the need for repeat visits to fix problems. Sixty-three percent of Trimble’s survey participants admit that a service company’s failure to resolve a problem the first time is unacceptable. For a third of respondents, improper tools or equipment were the major reasons why issues weren’t fixed on the initial service call.

Field visibility connects the dispatcher with information they need to create an environment for success. Getting the right technician with the right tools and equipment to the job site tremendously improves the first-time fix rate.



When Vista and Service Pro join forces, an optimal system is created. Organizations work smarter, not harder. Powered by a service engine that’s firing on all cylinders, companies drive benefits to both their customers and themselves, without hiring more employees.

Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

Watch the webinar recording now to discover even more ways Vista-connected field service drives service excellence.


Webinar Recording: Extend the Power of Vista with Field Service Management

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