Technician Scheduling Software

Each organization with a large field workforce faces a tremendous challenge to get the right field workers to the right job assignments, whether you’re scheduling field service technicians, inspectors, emergency response workers or public workers. MSI Data offers service scheduling software for service technicians that guarantees the right field tech is assigned to the project, dramatically improving scheduling efficiency.

Unlock Your ROI Potential

Optimize your productivity and boost revenue streams when you replace your outdated process with a more efficient service software. We work with top enterprise field service companies to make sure they have the solutions they need to maximize revenue. Book a 30-minute demo to learn how Service Pro® can transform your business.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Our field service scheduling software ensures technicians keep all appointments and arrive with the right tools and parts to get the job done — a major boost for customer satisfaction. The GPS tracking software places technicians near customers, which can help avoid delays. Improve your customers’ experiences with Service Pro’s field service scheduling software today!

Key Features 

Our field service scheduling software helps automate processes, provide visibility, enhance technician productivity, and maximize field service operations. The following essential features of our scheduling software for field technicians set Service Pro apart from the rest.

Visual Scheduler

Our scheduling field service software has a visual scheduler feature with an interactive board for viewing available technicians. It also has automatic updates that technicians view via their mobile devices when there are new assignments.

Simple Dispatch

Our field service scheduling and dispatch software provides an automated system that optimizes dispatch schedules with drive time to save time for travel between jobs. It also includes a GPS integration for automatic rerouting in case of schedule changes.

Easy Work Orders

Our field service scheduling software streamlines easy work orders with a user-friendly interface for creating new ones. These work orders help automatically assign technicians jobs based on their skills, proximity to customers, and other criteria.

GPS Tracking 

Our field service scheduling app has a GPS tracker for real-time location tracking of field technicians. Through GPS tracking, customers can see the estimated arrival time based on their location in real-time.

Task Overviews

The Service Pro task overview feature provides a centralized dashboard view of current and upcoming tasks assigned to technicians. It allows the field service team to manage tasks from their devices while efficiently providing performance metrics. 

Automatic Assignments

The automatic assignment feature allocates tasks to suitable technicians based on skills and location and alerts them on their mobile devices. This feature works best for field management scheduling as it efficiently schedules high-volume tasks, streamlining the process and optimizing resource use through automatic assignments.

  • Business intelligence – automate scheduling, work orders, dispatching, payments and other field service processes

  • Assign the best tech for every work order, the first time

  • Easily convert calls into work orders with appointments

  • Assign with ease using drag-and-drop visual scheduler

Scheduling Software for Service Technicians

Scheduling Software For Field Technicians

Service Pro provides technician scheduling software that maximizes effective and on-time service delivery by assigning the right tech for each job. Automate your:

  • Scheduling

  • Dispatch

  • Work Orders

  • Payments

Software Power Tool for Field Scheduling

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy visual field service scheduling software provides schedule and dispatch personnel with an all-in-one view of the criteria they need to make rapid, accurate scheduling decisions.

  • Customize Visual Scheduler to Your Business

  • Completely Cloud-based – no Installation Required

  • Access to Important Scheduling Criteria like Available Inventory and Technician Skills Set

  • Collect and Store Old and New Work Order Information in One, Easily Accessible Location

Visual Scheduling management software [/product_section]

Track Tech Location & Status Through Visual Scheduler Display

Our visual scheduling service software integrates with GPS tracking software, which allows you to schedule service technicians based on their proximity to incoming work orders. The map view and work order list also reflect technicians’ availability and work order status.

  • Visual Proximity of Technicians to Customer Sites

  • Single View of Service Technicians’ Work Status

  • Segment Work Orders into Customizable Categories

  • Full, Clear View of Work Order Status Other Customizable Information

mobile field service scheduling management software

Easy to Navigate Field Service Work Order Timeline

Our color-coded visual technician work order assignment board allows you to schedule available service technicians by simply dragging open work orders onto the visual board. As you make changes to the board, alerts are sent to technicians affected by the updates.

  • Quick and Simple Drag and Drop Assignments

  • Auto Sort by Required Technician Skill Set

  • Automated Communication with Technician Devices


Service Pro® Mobile Features for Schedulers

Mobile devices in the field allow schedulers to communicate automatically with technicians. They can instantly update techs about scheduling changes as they adjust the main scheduler and schedule new appointments.

field service scheduler

Field Service Scheduling Software Benefits The Whole Team

For any service industry, scheduling software automates systems and streamlines workflows for increased profitability. Our software ensures faster task completion, which enhances customer satisfaction and gives technicians positive reviews and ratings.

Field management scheduling increases oversight among managers and reduces the workload for teams across the organization. Easily accessible customizable reports help assess team performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize processes. Optimized routing saves time traveling between jobs, improving field agent morale.

Thanks to our service company scheduling software, resource management becomes a breeze. With insightful analytics and dashboards, you can gain real-time visibility into field operations. The result? Informed decision-making that improves productivity, resource utilization, and customer satisfaction.

Scheduling for field service not only optimizes your operations — it fosters a positive team culture and working environment for a stronger, more successful business.

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How can field service scheduling software benefit my business? 

Field service scheduling can help your business boost employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance resource utilization through automated processes.

How can my technicians use the app out in the field?

Your employees can use the field service scheduling app to receive assignments, view dispatch details, and communicate about any delays or developments.

How long will it take to onboard my team?

The initial onboarding process for a field service team can take anywhere between one to four weeks. Book a demo to learn more about how easy it is to get started!