4 Field Service Takeaways from SuiteWorld 2016

field service takeaways

How integrated best of breed field service management for NetSuite ERP users takes manufacturing and product support to the next level.

We hope SuiteWorld 2016 was as enjoyable and productive for your firm as it was for us! It was great to meet so many of you in San Jose to discuss how a NetSuite integrated field service solution can impact your business in 2016.

If you weren’t able to connect at the show, get in touch now to learn how MSI’s Service Pro SuiteApp for cloud-based field service and inspection automation enables NetSuite users to capitalize on the growing need for ERP + field service.

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4 Field Service Takeaways from SuiteWorld 2016

We learned a lot at SuiteWorld this year about top priorities for NetSuite ERP users, important industry trends, and how we can offer the best SuiteApp for field service on the market. Here are some key takeaways:

cloud based field service management
field service for manufacturers

1. Field Service represents an important revenue opportunity in today’s customer-centric age

According to a recent Salesforce report, “2016 Connected Manufacturing:”

  • 92% of organizations expressed a need to adapt their service models in order to keep up with customers’ needs.
  • 87% say it is important that they invest in field service technology.

These statistics emphasize the pressure to restructure and improve service departments to keep up with customer expectations in today’s connected and automated world.

Because service departments are becoming major revenue drivers for many organizations, field service management solutions were front and center at this year’s SuiteWorld conference.

NetSuite ERP users are taking their software needs to the field as they realize the benefits of an integrated FSM solution. An FSM suite like Service Pro allows NetSuite users to work with existing legacy systems and integrate pieces to meet service needs on a platform designed specifically for field service work.

2. Best of breed software solutions provide better results

Because of its seamless integration, Service Pro’s SuiteApp works as an extension of NetSuite and provides NetSuite ERP users with a powerful best of breed solution for automated field service management. By combining the expertise of multiple software leaders in their respective space (rather than trying to force one system to do it all) field service organizations gain the full functionality they need to streamline their operations and gain a bigger ROI.

3. Cloud-first is key

Service Pro and NetSuite are both cloud-based solutions, which – aside from the everyday benefits of cloud – makes them more secure and easier to integrate. Businesses today need constant connectivity and cloud-first solutions offer faster deployment speeds, lower upfront costs, and ongoing flexibility to scale up or down as company needs change.

Cloud software vendors also provide regular maintenance and software upgrades with little to no involvement from the end-user, and have little to no upfront costs or installation fees.

4. Mobile apps represent an important differentiator for field service businesses

Because field service is inherently mobile, with moving workers, parts, vehicles, and information, service organizations need more than just back office accounting software. Equipping field techs with a mobile service app gives NetSuite ERP users the tools and information they need to sync work done in the field with billing and work order management in the office.

Conclusion: Why Service Pro for NetSuite?

By pairing NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud ERP platform, with Service Pro, the leading cloud-based field service management app, service organizations receive an integrated, best-of-bread solution that streamlines field work with back office billing and accounting. Both products are built from the ground up to be cloud-based with extensive API support to make integration easy.

In addition to the software infrastructure fit, MSI and NetSuite are made for similar vertical markets including: manufacturers, distributors, heavy equipment, and medical equipment to name a few. If you fall into one of these industries and you’re looking to improve field service this year, explore how NetSuite integrated Service Pro SuiteApp will automate service work in the field with the rest of the your business processes.

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