Service, Synchronized: How Field Service Management Simplifies Field-to-Office Communication

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Empower your entire service team with paperless workflows, automation, and real-time data transfer


Leading service companies empower their field technicians and back office team to be in lockstep to best support their customers.

But if your team still uses whiteboards, multiple phone calls, and paperwork, then they’re likely spending more time on internal communication and data entry than providing excellent customer service. And now with more than 16 million US workers working remotely, communication between team members is even more challenging. From our recent survey of service companies, more than 90% stated their office personnel and technicians are working fully remote. 

You can boost the satisfaction of your customers (and employees) by switching to integrated field service management. Here are just a few examples of how integrated field service management can increase service optics, opportunity, and optimization.


Paper-free service processes

Many service organizations have been dependent on paper for decades. They stick to the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Since their outdated processes make it difficult to detect trends, these companies are falling behind their technology-embracing competitors.

With field service management software integrated to your ERP, you can get rid of paperwork for good. And integrated software offers many benefits for both your techs in the field and your back office team.

Your field technicians have everything they need to get the job done right the first time, all from their mobile device. There’s no need to stop in the office to pick up or drop off paperwork.

Your back office team doesn’t have to waste time re-entering data collected in the field and deciphering messy handwritten forms.


Automated schedule and task updates

If your service company relies on manual scheduling and task tracking, you might be taking a big hit to your team’s daily productivity. When dispatchers have to call techs with updates to the schedule, their time is taken away from more proactive, revenue-driving tasks.  

With a robust field service management system, you can automate manual, time-intensive scheduling tasks. For example, by using integrated field service, your field techs can receive real-time notifications of any changes to their schedule right on their mobile device. There’s no need for multiple phone calls back and forth, and both the dispatcher and technician can continue on with their daily tasks.

And the same process is possible when technicians update their status, too. By using a mobile field service app, your technicians can update their status upon arriving at the site, starting work, and completing work. With up-to-date information about technicians’ whereabouts, your dispatchers can make smarter scheduling decisions.


Real-time data sync between the field and back office

By using manual, paper-based methods of collecting information, service organizations are likely missing out on opportunities to grow existing customer relationships. And that means a loss of potential revenue, too.

All the information your techs gather at customer sites through the mobile field app automatically syncs with the back office software. This provides your office personnel with a real-time window into the field, almost as if they’re on site with the techs. This ensures your techs and administrators are always in sync.



With a robust field service mobile app, service organizations can streamline field-to-office communications, resulting in faster turnaround for customer estimates and invoices. Most Service Pro customers can distribute accurate invoices the same day services are provided.

Just take Shelby Mechanical, a plumbing services provider in Michigan, as an example. “With Service Pro, we can dispatch instantly, and the technicians are able to communicate through the app to let the back office know what work was performed and how much the customer paid,” says Megan Mitter of Shelby Mechanical. “Now we can send invoices and estimates the same day without multiple phone calls back and forth between employees.”

Whether your service business has 12 or 12,000 technicians, integrated field service management software can help drive efficiencies throughout the entire field service process.

Get started on driving customer satisfaction while increasing service revenue with Service Pro today. It doesn’t take much more than a 30-minute discovery call followed by a 60-minute demo to dial in a solution that will really improve all areas of your service business. Schedule a demo now.