How Sage 100 ERP & Service Pro Speed Up Cash Flow

Field service companies don’t have to wait for weeks to receive payment when Service Pro and Sage automate the process.

Imagine that you own a successful equipment distribution company. You have many loyal customers and skilled field technicians. However, there is one challenge. It often takes weeks to enter work orders and send customer invoices. Using nothing but paper, field techs can’t accurately track their hours and can’t bill customers for all their time. Furthermore, field techs can’t track how long they spent on each task, and as a result, you can’t analyze performance metrics. In the back office, the secretary must enter a huge stack of time sheets before sending invoices. Some sheets get lost. In the end, the company misses its full revenue potential.

Cash flow is critical for field service businesses. Software can help.

The above scenario sadly happens a lot in field service because mobile workers struggle to track, log and bill their time, especially in big companies. Fortunately, more field service firms are implementing software to automate these processes each year. Trimble’s 2014 Transforming Service Delivery Report showed that 96% of field service firms wanted new software that improves job scheduling and completion. Respondents in the survey also stated that they care most about ease of use of employees and integration to current systems when seeking software.

Imagine that a field technician can submit a work order, send an invoice and obtain payment on the spot. It’s not too good to be true. Sage 100 ERP and Service Pro will take the cash flow process from many weeks to a day.

What is Service Pro?

Service Pro is a field service software application that automates cash flow. Industries that mainly use Service Pro are: manufacturing, HVAC, distribution and construction. Since Service Pro is cloud based, in-office employees use it on a laptop or desktop, while field techs use the mobile friendly version. This way, dispatchers can take customer calls and give field techs assignments without constantly calling.

Key Service Pro functions:

  • Creating detailed work orders/timesheets
  • Creating help desk tickets
  • Storing customer records (installation, maintenance, repair and inspection)
  • Logging equipment parts and model numbers
  • Generating customer invoices and obtaining payment

What is Sage 100 ERP?

ERP systems for field service offer many benefits. Sage 100 ERP is an account management software system for mid-sized and larger businesses, mainly in distribution and and manufacturing. Payroll and payment processing are two time consuming tasks that hinder cash flow, which Sage automates. Sending invoices and processing payment take weeks with just paperwork, which means companies wait a long time to get paid. With Sage 100, companies no longer have to hire so many office assistants and have time to spend on more important tasks.

Mid-sized and larger field service companies that use Sage:

  • Get paid faster
  • Improve first time fix rate
  • Communicate better with customers
  • Have more field intelligence

field service software for sage

How integration works

With Service Pro, dispatchers log customer calls and create work orders for field techs. Field techs use Service Pro mobile to view work orders, customer contact info, parts/model numbers and detailed problem descriptions. With so much information at their hands, field techs solve problems faster, which customers love. By viewing data over an app, field techs no longer take notes by hand, constantly call the office, and go back and forth from the office to the customer sites. At each job, field techs use Service Pro to log their work orders, which detail how long they spent on each task. This info is stored on a central system, creates an accurate customer bill and allows field managers to analyze field tech performance. After finishing jobs, Sage automatically generates invoices, which customers pay and sign digitally. The system right away emails customers their receipts.

In short, Service Pro stores work orders, contracts, warranties, and call records. Sage 100 ERP stores customer records, site information and inventory. By combining Service Pro with Sage 100 ERP, almost the entire business goes digital. Employees no longer must flip through messy file cabinets and drawers to get important documents.

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