Two Ways Companies Grow Better with Field Service Management


Field service organizations today are facing a huge obstacle to do more with less.

To remain profitable, it’s crucial for companies to get the most value out of their technicians and their technology investments.

But how exactly can field service companies grow better with field service management?

When companies seek a field service management solution, they usually look for two main results: increase technician capacity today and secure the future of your business.

Read on to discover how companies are using MSI’s Service Pro to do just that.


Optimizing Field Service Capacity Today

Field service companies looking to adopt field service management are usually at a challenging crossroad. They either must hire more bodies to be able to do more or need to improve the problem at its source.

Considering how challenging finding technicians is nowadays, fixing the root cause of the issue is often the preferred method for these companies.

And that’s where field service management comes in.

One of the top revenue-driving products of a field service company is billable hours per technician. In the same manner a factory owner wants to find ways to maximize their lines, field service organizations must optimize the output of their field technician team.

How do field service companies increase capacity for each and every technician?

With an all-in-one field service mobile app, technicians are empowered to work independently. They have all the service history information, work order details, and customer inventory at their fingertips. This helps technicians finish jobs faster so they can take on additional tasks in their workday.

Then companies can add a work order per tech per day, without additional headcount.

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MSI's Service Pro field service management software


Securing the Future of Your Field Service Organization 

When companies are fully utilizing their field technician team, they can move their focus to the future of their business.

By putting a digitized field service management system in place, businesses start to get information and data about things they weren’t seeing in the past. Whether around specialization, who does what well, what are the most common concerns, what differentiates you.

Just by collecting information and making is easy to analyze, all those different types of insights are made visible. And then those important business decisions become actually quite easy to make.

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MSI's Service Pro Business Intelligence field service management analytics


Conclusion: Select the Right Field Service Management Partner for Continued Growth

As highlighted, getting the right field service management software will not only increase the productivity of field service staff, but it also helps minimize time wastage. Field service management allows the collection of useful information for insights on ways to improve workflow and maximize technician output. 

In the end, making decisions for your field service business around time management, hiring, training, and more will improve massively. 

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