J.W. Kerns Primed To Deliver Exceptional Irrigation Equipment Field Service for Valley Agriculture Customers

Dan Nygren Seeing Immediate Benefits from Service Pro; Sights Set On Future Growing Seasons

“How do you make money with service? This was the question that Dan Nygren, owner of J.W. Kerns, an agriculture irrigation equipment dealer service southern Oregon, northern California and northwestern Nevada asked amidst volatile, ever-changing commodity prices and aspirations to continue the growth of his Valley dealership. “I needed a way to see what my guys were doing in the field on a day to day and week to week basis. Not to micro-manage, but to make sure we’re billing enough. How long are installs taking?”

J.W. Kerns and the Valley Dealer Council have a number of goals in common when it comes to improving field service:

  • Find ways to increase field service revenue
  • Reduce paperwork, eliminate duplicate entry, and prevent errors
  • Visibility into where technicians are for billable service time
  • Shrink number of steps from service call through billing
  • Collect pivot service history for actionable data down the road

Improved service technician time tracking

technician billable time field service kpis

“We had techs going on six to eight service calls per day, sometimes more. Often, techs estimate an hour visit when it might have been an hour-fifteen. That 15 minutes adds up over time.”

Faster service to cash cycle

sla compliance field service kpis

“We were looking for fewer steps from the call to the point of invoicing. Service Pro helps simplify that process.”

More efficient scheduling

field service kpis

“I can see where my guy is going next just by looking at my laptop. That’s useful if I need to have someone drop a part off, make an extra stop, or do other non-service related tasks.”

“We’re looking forward to the new way of business this coming year,” says Dan. Armed with new technology heading into next growing season, J.W. Kerns is set to make some key changes to their service organization. Goals for 2017 include:

  • Completely Paperless Field Service
  • Proactively Redirect Technicians Based On Location
  • Techs Create Work Orders via Mobile
  • Manage Installs Using Service Pro
  • Track Frequency of Service Calls to Identify Sales Opportunities
  • Deeper Insight Into Billing

“I’m happy to see MSI is willing to make changes for this Valley group to make it more user-friendly.” Dan said, as he reflects on the Service Pro implementation. “It’s certainly taken some effort to get to this point, but this is how we’re going to do it, 100%.”

J.W. Kerns Primed To Deliver Exceptional Irrigation Equipment Field Service for Valley Agriculture Customers by