12 Ways a Mobile Field Service App Makes Technicians Love Their Jobs

your field techs will be happy with mobile field service software

You know a mobile field service app will improve your productivity and help your bottom line. Here’s why your technicians will love it too.

Technicians probably hear a lot about how using mobile in the field will help your company meet its bottom line and service managers collect data to better manage the organization. We’ve even gone over why a mobile app in the field makes the back office a happy place.

But what about the happiness of the people who are most affected by the change: your field techs?

In order for you to get a better understanding, we’ve created a list of 12 reasons why your field technicians should care about your company’s switch to a mobile app and how it will positively impact their work lives.

1. Perform Less Busy Work

Switching to mobile eliminates all of the out-of-date, time consuming tasks, such as manually filling out work orders and spending hours searching for lost inventory.

2. Make Fewer Trips Back to the Office

Implementing a mobile solution creates better communication between your techs and back office. This means less trips back and forth for things like clocking in and out or delivering work orders.

3.Fewer Task to Remember

Gone are the days of forgetting to print inspection forms; your techs no longer need paper because they have all that they need at their fingertips.

4.Achieve Higher Success Rates in the Field

What technician doesn’t want to perform his best on the job? It feels good to do a good job (not to mention the praise and rewards that might accompany a strong track record). A mobile solution will produce higher success rates and give your techs confidence to continue performing well.

5.Get the Boss off Your Back

With automatic status updates and more instruction on the mobile device, technicians can act more independently. No need for micromanaging here.

6.Improve Interaction With Customers

No technician likes a grumpy customer. With all of their equipment and service history information in front of them on their mobile devices, techs will be able to impress customers with their knowledge of equipment and have to deal with fewer complaints.

7.Prove Your Claims with Pictures

Your techs no longer have to convince the customer why something is broken. They can just take a picture and show them to save the hassle of trying to explain the problem at the customer’s level.

8.Save Time

Having less busy work will ultimately save your technicians time. They will get their work done faster by eliminating mundane tasks. This will leave techs more satisfied with the work they are doing.

9.Make Notes and Data Entry Legible

Techs no longer have to spend time deciphering handwriting that isn’t legible. Everything is clear, clean, concise, and ready to go.

10. Obtain Information Easier

Any information a field tech needs is stored in his mobile device. There is no longer a need to wait for the assistance of other techs, or taking time consuming trips to the back office.

11.Improve Communication

A mobile app stimulates better communication on several levels: with the back office, with other field techs, and with their supervisor. Good communication leads to harmony in the field.

12.Enjoy Evolving (and entertaining) Technology

The tech world is constantly changing, so why not get on board? Working with the latest technology is fun, and your techs will feel in tune with the evolving culture.

Now That Everyone’s Happy…

While it is important that a mobile app will improve your company’s bottom line, it is equally important that your field techs are on-board and satisfied with the transition because they are the ones learning, using, and most impacted by the app.

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