5 Ways Sales Teams Can Use Mobile Field Service Software to Boost Their Numbers

mobile field service software for sales

Service organizations depend on mobile field service software to make field technicians more efficient. But, did you know a service app can help sales teams too?

A mobile field service app not only benefits your field service technicians. It can also prepare your service sales team to increase service contract sales and renewals while making your team and customers happier in the process. But what mobile features can your sales team use to increase overall sales?

    1. Set-up contract templates

    Mobile field service software makes it easier to define what’s in your contracts. By utilizing the custom field feature, you can create the perfect contract to offer each of your customers. Now, your contracts will cover terms, dates of commitment, and even preventive maintenance schedules. After creating one customizable contract, your field technicians and back office staff can use this template to create future contracts.

    2. Pre-quote preparedness

    With mobile service software, your sales team can quickly access details about a customer. With access to customer equipment details and notes from past service calls, sales representative can quickly create a new quote for a customer that’s personalized to meet their needs.

    3. Customizable fields

    With a system that synchronizes completed work in the field with the back office, your field technicians can complete an inspection onsite and then immediately sync to billing in the back office. In a good mobile service solution, technicians will be able to add custom fields in the app that lists potential service opportunities. For example, they could mention needing to fix a different part on the machine in the future or something else they found during the inspection.

    Sales teams benefit from having access to these customizable fields and inspection details because it helps them make suggestions to replace certain parts or sell service contracts that keep equipment running.

    4. Automated quotes and contract renewals

    Customizable fields can be automated to send an email to the sales teams with expiring service contract information. By getting email reminders, sales teams can quickly act on service contract detail and get in touch with the customer before contracts expire. They can use automated contract and equipment information to create quotes or list add-ons to customers’ current contracts. They can also be automatically reminded of expiring preventive maintenance agreements and service contracts.

    5. Quote analysis and reporting

    With all past service information stored in one place, your sales team has access into what’s working best for your sales efforts in the field. You can access old quotes, track how much work is coming from them, and access information techs listed in the field.

The Next Challenge: Selling a Long-Term Solution Instead of a One-Time Product

While it’s essential to make customers happy during their field service experience, the bigger challenge is, arguably, finding new customers to engage with and keeping existing customers coming back.

Sales representatives need to connect with new prospects both on the outside and with team members and experts on the inside. In conversations with potential customers, they need to use data-driven insight into previously sold products as the starting point for their conversation. They need updates on service and support numbers as well as real-time feeds into the prospect’s company and competitors.

By having access to information like machine performance data and service history, technicians in the field can begin a conversation about problem solving rather than just a sales pitch.

An article in Diginomica makes a great point about using mobile apps for field sales: “Mobile technology also empowers the demonstrations, simulations, and real-time configure/price/quotations that close a bigger deal more quickly.” With access to real-time data and statistics, field service sales representatives can move beyond sales pitches and begin a problem-solving conversation.

Conclusion – Empower Sales Teams with Field-Based Tools and Information

Mobile field service software gives sales teams the tools to more efficiently set-up and renew contracts. It also prepares them for phone calls with clients, giving them immediate access to past service details and customer history. Equipped with a mobile service solution, field-based sales teams will be prepared to approach customers at the right time and make the right offer based on their history, enabling them to make more sales than ever.

Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Field Service Software

In the market for a cross-platform or cloud-based mobile app for your service business? Learn important tips, guiding questions, and to-dos in our free, educational guide to purchasing a mobile field service solution.

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