Top 3 Mobile Service Transformation Tips for Contractors | Webinar for Vista Users

Top 3 Mobile Service Transformation Tips for Contractors

For stress-free, Vista-integrated mobile technology implementation, follow these top three tips


There are many advantages to implementing mobile technology into the way your company provides field service. Overall, implementing field service automation software on mobile devices has the power to truly optimize the way your company serves customers. But how do you get your team on board with the change? And how do you make sure that all parties that are affected by this change are satisfied?

MSI Data recently held a webinar to help companies using Vista by Viewpoint with their transition to mobile field service technology. Here are a few mobile service transformation tips on how contractors can transform their businesses with this technology.


Top 3 Tips for Mobile Service Transformation for Vista by Viewpoint


Be pragmatic

Be practical in the way that you approach implementing mobile service for your team. This new technology will absolutely change the way your team operates – from the initial service call to the invoice going out the door. It is important that you avoid common pitfalls of software implementation, such as inadequate planning, creating unrealistic timelines, and improper testing. Think with the end in mind. These changes are not going to begin to work perfectly overnight. Be patient and work through the issues. It is crucial that you provide leadership and optimism during this change. 


Educate stakeholders

Mind you that every person affected by these changes is going to have an opinion. For example, a dispatcher might want more information on how they can save time in assigning service calls and will need insight into scheduling. On the other hand, an IT representative might be more concerned over how the new system will integrate into existing information systems. That being said, you must find ways to educate each party on their terms. Before you begin, it is important to create a case for adopting the new system to every party that will be impacted. If you are able to demonstrate the positives of the change, it will make it much easier to rally support from multiple departments.


Engage end users early

It is a horrible practice when executives make decisions to adopt new technology without consulting those affected first. Management has a responsibility to consult with the end users of the new system to make sure it meets their needs. This is why it is best to engage with end users from the get-go. Hold a meeting with one stakeholder from each affected department. Make sure everyone gets a chance to provide feedback from their perspective. Use this as an opportunity to gather as much input as possible from a variety of different angles.



To conclude, choosing the right field service software is a crucial decision for every service business. Using mobile technology, technicians can collect same-day payments for their work, which has helped Matrix HG reduce billing time by five weeks. Using Service Pro, companies can now better understand their technician’s progress as they complete work at different job sites. Quantum Electrical Services reports that they have 100% technician time reporting accuracy. They are able to perfectly differentiate standard time, overtime, billable, and unbillable technician hours. 

Before you making a final decision on your mobile field service technology, be sure to consult at least one person from each affected party. Receive their input openly and use it to guide your decision. Be sure to educate your stakeholders on the reasons behind the changes. Be open to hearing their concerns and expectations for the software. Lastly, when incorporating a new software, be optimistic, yet, pragmatic. Bear in mind that your teammates need leadership and guidance from you. Demonstrate the positive impact on your business while you work out the issues you might be having.

For even more information about preparing for a successful mobile field service rollout, watch the 30-minute webinar recording.


Webinar Recording: Top 3 Mobile Service Transformation Tips for Contractors

Learn proven tips and hard-earned lessons to make your mobile service transformation a success from field service experts at MSI in this 30-minute webinar for Vista users.

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