MSI Announces Service Pro Business Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of Data for Field Service Operations


New Service Pro Business Intelligence offering boosts field service team visibility and guidance with advanced field service performance reporting and visualizations



MILWAUKEE, July 2, 2020 – MSI, a leading provider of field service management software, is pleased to introduce Service Pro Business Intelligence (BI), an integrated, coding-free data visualization toolkit. Service Pro BI provides field service companies with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use analytics to drive efficiencies throughout the entire service process.

“Field service organizations are dynamic, fast-moving teams who have long suffered with inadequate reporting tools,” said Geoff Surkamer, CEO of MSI. “With Service Pro BI, companies now have the advanced reporting technology they need to make informed business decisions. They’re able to transform their operational data in Service Pro into actionable business intelligence to drive more field service opportunities, optics, and optimization.”

With customizable, no-coding-required data visualization tools, Service Pro BI allows users to track critical service KPIs, boost technician efficiency, and identify potential problems before they impact your customers, without the need for IT support. Service Pro BI provides organizations with unlimited visualizations within Service Pro for each functional area, such as appointments, equipment, orders, and service technicians.


Service Pro Business Intelligence Orders Dashboard for field service management


Unlike a basic report wizard that only analyzes historical data, Service Pro BI uses both historical and live data, so users can get a complete view of their service operations. Then users can present this data however they’d like by choosing from 19 available visualization types, including bar charts, funnel charts, pie charts, and more. Using Service Pro BI, users can also drill down into detailed data, such as a single work order or customer, and even individual technician performance.

“Service Pro BI allows users to interact with and visualize their field service data, and identify actionable information,” said David Charland, MSI’s vice president of product management. “This can transform business decisions through KPI monitoring, exception reporting, quality assurance, capacity planning, unified view of customers, sales forecasts, and much more.”

Having consulted with hundreds of field service businesses, the engineers at MSI developed standard dashboards in Service Pro BI to provide companies with vital field service insights. Organizations can use these standard dashboards to track service KPIs, orders, technicians, assets, and customers. This means on day one of using Service Pro BI users can gain insights to drive efficiency and profitability throughout their service operations.


Service Pro Business Intelligence Technician Labor Dashboard for field service management


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