MSI Introduces Installed Base Management Release for Service and Sales Teams Using Service Pro for NetSuite SuiteApp

New Release Enables Sales, Operations, and Other NetSuite ERP Users To View And Manage Installed Customer Equipment In NetSuite

Industry studies show that, even after the initial equipment sale and installation, OEMs, distributors and other firms specializing in capital equipment can capture ongoing after-market services revenue for decades, frequently at much higher profit margins – averaging 2.5 times that of the original sale. Consequently, keeping information surrounding after-market equipment service revenue in sync between service and sales teams is vital.

What Is Installed Base Management for NetSuite?

Installed Base Management is a new package of equipment tracking capabilities now available for Service Pro for NetSuite users.  Covering Service Pro, NetSuite and the integration between the systems, Installed Base Management adds new features to mobile and back office interfaces, providing an effortless flow of important equipment and service information between departments.  New features include:

  • Easily adding installable items to the order from inventory
  • Communicating when equipment has been installed
  • Giving the ability to view lists of serial numbers in inventory
  • Easily communicating which items have been repaired
  • Viewing equipment’s warranty, contact, components, and contract information in near real-time
  • Creating a Customer Equipment Record that links to Sales Orders

These features seamlessly connect equipment and inventory information between NetSuite and Service Pro 10, ensuring easy visibility and availability for reporting. Wherever service personnel are, sales can be sure that inventory is up to date and being tracked properly, easing the burden of continual phone calls and other redundant communication across departments.

Who Is It For?

Installed Base Management will not only aide the sales department in communicating across fields but will also support differing members of the company including accounting, service operations, and field service personnel. With the new Installed Base Management in the SPN Connector, service providers receive the benefits of equipment and repair item tracking. These capabilities offer great success with cross-department communication, and even provide success in organization within departments’ tasks.


Installed Base Management allows your team to:

  • Add equipment in the field
  • Make equipment edits if needed
  • Relate equipment IDs to an Order Inventory Line
  • Generate PDFs automatically with inspection
  • Create equipment records on site

Prior to a connector like this, your team will be lacking efficiency, which is an important component in service industries. Without such developments, your team will need to allot time for:

  • Manually transferring records
  • Update inventory insistently
  • Reviewing individual orders
  • Physically updating systems to be congruent

We look forward to showing you how Service Pro for NetSuite can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your service organization. Experience Installed Base Management by:

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