Webinar recording: NetSuite-Connected Service Revenue Breakthroughs

This talk is meant for everyone who missed us at the SuiteWorld or couldn’t attend our webinar: As seen at SuiteWorld – NetSuite-Connected Service Revenue Breakthroughs. Watch the webinar recording and learn how to boost your profit margins,  shorten your service to cash cycle, and drive service revenue with NetSuite and Service Pro®.

The talk covers:

1. Customer ROI examples
2. Service  Pro to  NetSuite  Integration touch-points
3. NetSuite data in the field  service process

As a NetSuite partner solution, Service Pro® software provides NetSuite ERP users with a powerful, integrated application for automating field service management tasks for field technicians, and provides visibility of information, insights, and reporting.

Hear from MSI Data Senior Vice President of Marketing Mike Pandl

Watch the talk: