How Companies Skyrocket Service Performance with NetSuite-Connected Field Service Management [Webinar Recording]

Discover how companies optimize their field service management processes with MSI’s Service Pro for NetSuite


MSI recently presented a webinar, How Companies Skyrocket Service Performance with NetSuite-Connected Field Service Management. This webinar gives you a sneak peek into the operations of field service businesses using NetSuite-connected field service with MSI’s Service Pro and the benefits these companies have achieved as a result.

In the webinar, we cover how the field service for NetSuite ERP app can help field service organizations:

  • Drive technician productivity and efficiency
  • Work from anywhere even through major disruptions
  • Manage complex service contracts with ease

Read on to learn how NetSuite and Service Pro have helped launch the success of these service organizations and how your business could experience similar results.


Data center equipment service provider enables remote work with flexible scheduling and an easy-to-use mobile app

Earlier this year, the pandemic forced many companies to vacate their offices and work from home. Service companies that rely on handwritten work orders and inspection reports may struggle to maintain safety procedures to get the information they need.

But service companies with NetSuite-connected field service could continue working from home without skipping a beat.

Take CPG, for example. This data center equipment service company depends on NetSuite and Service Pro to provide efficient service safely through major disruptions. 

With the flexible scheduling feature, CPG’s dispatch team can schedule technicians for any time of day, even past midnight. And it’s easy to schedule work for multiple days, too.

Technicians in the field benefit from having an all-in-one resource at their fingertips with the Service Pro mobile app. After all, they have enough tasks to do in the field. That’s why MSI’s Service Pro mobile app is designed to be the easiest part of their job.


Natural gas distributor improves technician efficiency and compliance with NetSuite-integrated field service

To provide quality service in any industry, getting the job done right the first time is critical, which is easier said than done. And when you’re dealing with heavily regulated materials, you have the added pressure of providing regulation-compliant services, too. 

That’s the situation natural gas distribution service company, Pipeline Equipment Resources Company (PERC), goes through every day. Thanks to their use of Service Pro for NetSuite, PERC’s technicians are better prepared for their work and all the required compliance data is collected automatically. 

PERC’s site visits now run more smoothly by allowing technicians to see more than just where they need to be. Using Service Pro for NetSuite on their mobile device, technicians can record information about visits and review historical information about the customer, site, and equipment, including previous maintenance work.

When PERC’s technicians update their status in the Service Pro mobile app, their tasks are automatically geostamped with the technicians’ GPS location. By automatically collecting the location of each task, PERC now has a comprehensive digital audit trail of who did what, when, and where. This is especially useful for compliance in regulated industries like oil and gas, waste management, and other hazardous material handling.


Conclusion: NetSuite + Service Pro = Unparalleled Service Excellence for Your Field Service Organization

By extending NetSuite into the field, you can take on more customer requests without increasing your employee headcount, resulting in greater satisfaction of your customers and employees alike.

Watch the webinar recording now to see NetSuite-connected field service management in action with MSI’s Service Pro.


Webinar Recording: How Companies Skyrocket Service Performance with NetSuite-Connected Field Service Management

Learn how to drive meaningful gains in responsiveness, utilization, and customer satisfaction in this 20-minute webinar recording for NetSuite users.

MSI's Service Pro for NetSuite - Integrated Field Service Management Software

MSI's Service Pro for NetSuite - Integrated Field Service Management Software