Webinar Recording for NetSuite Users: 5 Benefits of NetSuite-Connected Field Scheduling Automation

Arm your dispatchers with the premier scheduling power tool.

Manual data entry is like building a house with a hammer instead of a nail gun. With a hammer, you’re more likely to make mistakes. And it can take hours longer to get the same amount of work done. It’s simply the wrong tool for the job.

Field service organizations have to use the right tools to succeed in today’s competitive environment. You can continue to rely on manual data entry to get the same results. Or you can skyrocket your business with automated, human-free scheduling. Which option does your team need?  

Automated scheduling is the power tool your team needs to raise service revenue. But higher revenue isn’t the only result you can expect with hands-off scheduling. MSI recently presented a webinar, 5 Benefits of NetSuite-Connected Field Scheduling Automation, that covers even more ways automated scheduling can support your business goals.

The webinar covers how to:

  • Get technicians on site sooner with real-time field visibility
  • Slash the weeks-long invoicing process into same-day billing
  • Transform the service department from a cost center into a profit center

Here are just a few ways automated scheduling can improve customer experience, technician wrench time, and service revenue.

Real-time field visibility

With a fully integrated field service management (FSM) solution, NetSuite ERP users have total visibility into field operations. Visual field service scheduling software provides dispatchers a window into the field. Armed with real-time field information, they can make more intelligent and accurate dispatching decisions.

Dispatchers no longer need to rely on antiquated and inefficient scheduling and contact methods. With visual schedulers and GPS technology, they can instantaneously check job status, verify parts inventory, and confirm tech location.

Shorter wait time

As people get busier—with less time to do everything—time becomes more precious than ever. Customers can no longer wait all day for a service technician to show up.

Trimble’s Field Service Index reports most customers believe two-hour appointment windows are acceptable, and technicians’ tardiness is their major frustration.

Out of the many reasons Americans are wasting PTO days waiting around for techs to show up, antiquated scheduling methods tops the list. Sophisticated field scheduling software creates a fully-connected service team. Field conditions are communicated on the fly, allowing dispatchers to respond instantaneously and shorten ETA windows.

More first-time fixes

Another top customer complaint is the need for repeat visits to fix problems. Sixty-three percent of Trimble’s survey participants admit that a service company’s failure to resolve a problem the first time is unacceptable. For a third of respondents, improper tools or equipment were the major reasons why issues weren’t fixed on the initial service call.

Field visibility connects the dispatcher with information they need to create an environment for success. Getting the right technician with the right tools and equipment to the job site tremendously improves the first-time fix rate.


When NetSuite ERP and Service Pro join forces, an optimal system is created. Organizations work smarter, not harder. Powered by a service engine that’s firing on all cylinders, companies drive benefits to both their customers and themselves, without hiring more employees.

Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

Watch the webinar recording now to discover even more ways NetSuite-connected scheduling automation drives service excellence.

Webinar Recording: 5 Benefits of NetSuite-Connected Field Scheduling Automation

Learn how to drive meaningful gains in responsiveness, utilization, and customer satisfaction in this free, 30-minute webinar recording for NetSuite users.

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