New Version of MSI’s Service Pro Provides Multiple Signature Capture and Coding-free Business Intelligence

Capture multiple signatures with Service Pro Mobile

In the latest version of Service Pro Mobile, technicians can now capture customer signatures at the appointment level in addition to the order level. This allows multiple signatures to be saved for orders that have multiple appointments, maintaining a comprehensive digital audit trail of customer approvals.

And multiple signature capture can help with revenue-generating return trips, too. For example, let’s say Bob the technician arrives at the customer site to repair a machine that’s not working. Bob fixes the machine, and the customer is satisfied and signs off on the service using Service Pro Mobile.

However, while on site, Bob notices a potentially harmful issue with a different machine and recommends repairs for that machine as soon as possible. Bob won’t be able to come out tomorrow, but we can dispatch Carl the technician instead. After Carl completes the repair, the customer is satisfied and signs off on the follow-up service as well.

With the multiple signature feature, you can collect time-stamped, digital signatures for multiple technicians across multiple days, and enable potentially lucrative field sales, too.


Harness the power of data with no-coding-required Service Pro Business Intelligence

Trying to improve the profitability of your field service business without business intelligence is like trying to lose weight without keeping a food journal. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

That’s why MSI is pleased to introduce Service Pro BI, a robust data visualization toolkit integrated right into Service Pro. With customizable, no-coding-required data visualization tools, you can track critical service KPIs, boost technician efficiency, and identify potential problems before they impact your customers, without the need for IT support.

And you’ll achieve rapid ROI on your Service Pro BI investment. The fact is best-in-class field service organizations that use data analytics reported a 44% increase in SLA performance, a 42% lift in customer retention, and an 18% increase in service profits. That means you can make your money back within just a few weeks of using Service Pro BI.

Easy to use, easy to learn

Most data visualization tools are just too complicated. Often, companies that purchase a BI add-on don’t use it because they don’t know how to. And with more important duties on service managers’ plates, they don’t have the time to learn how to use a complex business intelligence tool on top of all the other tasks they need to complete in a day.

That’s why we made Service Pro BI as easy to use as an Excel spreadsheet. Within minutes, you can set up dashboards specific to your field service business and make them available to anyone within your organization.

Role-based data

For business intelligence to be useful, it should be tailored to the audience. This means your executives can see the big picture, your service managers can see their branch details, and your technicians can see their individual performance. That’s exactly what you can do with the latest version of Service Pro BI.

Now with Service Pro BI, administrators can set different permission levels for Business Intelligence dashboards. All Service Pro users automatically have permission to view the dashboards set up on their landing pages. Some users can now be assigned the right to create, edit, and manage dashboards, as well as the right to copy dashboards from one tenant to another. These rights allow you to set view-only permissions for some users while allowing other users to administer dashboards. So now you can control who sees what data and who can edit dashboards, all with just a few clicks.



As field service customers’ demands increase, MSI’s Service Pro continues to evolve and adapt, so you can better meet your customers’ changing needs. Make an investment in the future of your field service business with a field service management provider that’s dedicated to your success. 

You can get started on driving customer satisfaction while increasing service revenue with Service Pro today. It doesn’t take much more than a 30-minute discovery call followed by a 60-minute demo to dial in a solution that will really improve all areas of your service business. Request a demo now.