Go Rugged without Breaking the Bank: 4 Cases to Protect your Mobile Device in the Field

Do you want to implement rugged mobile devices in your field service organization, but don’t want to the hassle of switching? We have the perfect solution for you.

If you have read our blog posts in the past, you probably know that we have an affinity for mobile device implementation in the field service industry. You probably also know about the increase in rugged mobile devices in field service, which were created to endure the unpredictable working conditions technicians face in the field. While we are supporters of rugged devices in certain cases, we understand that not every organization wants to shell out thousands of dollars per device or deal with the hassle of switching from their current consumer mobile devices. Whether an organization doesn’t want to front the cost, or if it already has implemented a BYOD program, there is still a viable option: rugged mobile device cases.

Rugged device cases mean that your techs don’t need to have a rugged phone for their devices to withstand rugged conditions. This is an easy, cost effective solution for any field service organization. So which case is the best option for you?

Below we have listed what we think are some of the best rugged case options for your field technicians.

Cat ACTIVE URBAN : The Cat ACTIVE URBAN case, designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5, will provide your field techs with a stylish and protective case option. Their mobile devices will be protected from everyday knocks and scrapes while in the field because of its revolutionary technology. Made from SAIF™, the ACTIVE URBAN case is shock proof and able to withstand drops from up to 1.8 meters, ensuring a crack- free screen.

SafePort Rugged Max Case: The SafePort Rugged Max Case is a great solution for your technicians who prefer to work on an iPad. The case has a shock absorbing polycarbonate shell with anti- skid technology that prevents sliding and lets technicians grip it more easily to ensure fewer drops. The case also has an integrated dust filter and soft cover audio and power port openings that create an impenetrable shield around your iPad.

LifeProof Frē: The LifePoof Frē is the ultimate phone protector . With its sleek, ultra flat design, it is the thinnest protection case available on the market. Equipped with a built in scratch protector for the screen, this LifeProof case is completely water, drop, dirt, and snow proof. The phone is able to be fully submerged in up to 2m of water for up to 1 hour and totally sealed from dirt and dust particles. It is also designed to military specification, and able to withstand up to a 2 meter drop.

LG G2 Defender Series : The LG G2 Defender Series, made by Otter Box, is a perfect solution for techs working on an LG G2 phone. This is a multilayered case that covers the phone with an internal polycarbonate shell and an external synthetic rubber shell. The case also has a built in screen protector, a silicone slip cover, and rubber pads to prevent shocks.

In Case You’re Not Convinced

Like we said before, your technicians don’t need rugged phones for their devices to withstand rugged conditions. With any one of these rugged cases, your field techs can work without the risk of breaking their device. With the uncertainty that there is in the field, your techs will find comfort in the fact that there is certainty in the protection of their device.

With fewer broken devices, your organization will save money on replacements and repairs. Also, with fewer devices breaking on the job, your field techs will be able to work more efficiently and increase their billable hours.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Start protecting your techs’ devices today!

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