Sage and Service Pro: A Yearly Content Recap in Field Service Management

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It’s been a big year for Sage and MSI. Revisit our most popular blog posts from 2015 covering the year of field service management for Sage.

Sage made some serious changes to its offerings for field service customers in 2015. To provide a better experience for businesses using Sage ERP, we expanded our partnership opportunities for Sage VARS and improved our integrated mobile and field service offerings.

To refresh your memory and recap the year, check out our top Sage blog posts of 2015.

Top Sage Mobile Service Feature Gaps and How Service Pro Opens a New Door for Mobile Service

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After reporting on the Sage Mobile Service App shut down and what it means for Sage field service customers, we published another popular post addressing how Service Pro fills the gaps that were left. With a greater emphasis on service, business with a mobile component to their business only stand to benefit from having a mobile app to manage their business. Because of Service Pro’s partnership with and integration to Sage, the field-to-office gap is easily closed by implementing the two solutions.

Armed with the information to tackle more complex service orders and the ability to integrate field service data with a Sage ERP system, businesses can make the most of the growing opportunity in field service.

MSI Announces New Partner Program with Expanded Partner Categories, Tools for Sage VARs to Meet Customer and Prospect Field Service Management Needs

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Leading up to our attendance at Sage Summit in New Orleans this July, MSI expanded its partner categories with Sage to better meet customers field service management needs. The expanded partnership offers Sage VARs the opportunity to participate in a co-sales model and work with MSI from marketing to demo to sale.

By participating in the program, Sage VARs open themselves up to new opportunities without over-committing the sales team.

Mobile Apps Close the Loop between Home Office and Field Technicians

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In this article, Jill Rose, contributing writer for Sage ERP Wire, reports on the need for mobile apps in the field. Mobile field service apps, she says, help close the data gap companies experience between field and office. Rose interviewed MSI Director of Business Development, Kelley Starr, who speaks to the huge improvement companies experience when they convert paper forms to an automated mobile app that’s integrated with scheduling and ERP. For Sage field service customers, this point is key because it highlights the need for a field service system that can integrate with their Sage ERP platform.

Sage Mobile Service is Discontinued–What it Means for Sage Customers

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On January 21, 2015, Sage announced they would discontinue their offering for Sage Mobile Service in an effort to redirect resources to other offerings. In this article we discuss our perspective on the announcement and explore how Service Pro fills the Sage Mobile Service app void, and is actually better for Sage customers than the mobile product Sage had been offering.

Trends Toward Best-of-Breed Software in the Cloud Provide a Roadmap for Long-Term Field Service Software Investments

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This article addresses the software debate many businesses struggle with when investing in a new solution: “Should I go with one all-encompassing enterprise management suite or integrate several deep industry solutions?”

Because of our industry expertise and deep integrations with leading ERP providers, like Sage, we promote the specialized software approach. Check out the full post to learn more.

Conclusion – Stay Abreast of the Latest in Sage News for Field Service

As the Sage/ Service Pro partnership continues to develop, we look forward to providing tips, best practices, and advice to guide your software decisions. Stay tuned for more great content for Sage in 2016!

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