Service Companies Deliver Winning Customer Experience with NetSuite and Service Pro

Distributor service technician shaking hands with customer

More first-time repairs and streamlined customer communications made possible with NetSuite-integrated field service management


Now in 2021, field service customers aren’t only focused on the newest, shiniest products out there. In most cases, the experience a field service organization provides may be considered just as important.

In fact, Salesforce’s State of Service research shows that:

  • 80% of customers agree the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services
  • More than half of customers agree the pandemic has raised their standards for customer service
  • A whopping 91% of customers agree good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase

These statistics prove that customer experience can be the difference between leaving a bad impression and forming a long-lasting customer relationship. After all, as a customer yourself, would you rather go with the service company that provides instant communication about the work performed? Or the service company that takes weeks to mail you an invoice?

Integrating internal systems to create a more efficient, streamlined customer experience can be critical to gaining – and keeping – more field service customers. By utilizing our NetSuite field service integrations, you can provide the high-quality, efficient experience your customers have come to expect.

Keep reading to see how companies use Service Pro for NetSuite to provide efficient field services and streamline their customer communications.


MSI's Service Pro Tech Tracker for NetSuite - Integrated Field Service Management Software


Get customers’ equipment up and running faster with NetSuite-connected mobile field service

Field service organizations strive to keep their customers’ equipment functioning so they can continue working as usual. When a break-down occurs, it’s critical to get the customers’ equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

But getting equipment fixed on the first trip isn’t always easy. Salesforce research found that only 22% of service professionals say their organization is good at first-contact resolutions.

By using NetSuite-connected field service, companies can empower their field technicians to prepare for their appointments. With the Service Pro for NetSuite mobile app, technicians can collect all the tools, spare parts, and background information they need before even stepping onsite.

For Shelby Mechanical, a Michigan-based plumbing company, giving technicians the power of NetSuite in the field has greatly improved their potential for more first-time fixes.

Service Pro for NetSuite has helped Shelby Mechanical’s technicians to get the job done right the first time and eliminates the need for a costly return trip. 

“The technicians are able to see their appointments as far out as they are scheduled,”  says Shelby Mechanical’s Megan Mitter. “This helps them know what materials they’ll need and gives them the opportunity to prep for their jobs.”


“Communication with customers and the field from the back office and vice versa has proven to be much more efficient all around.”

Megan, Shelby Mechanical


Empowering technicians with Service Pro for NetSuite helped Pipeline Equipment Resource Company’s (PERC) field technicians prep for jobs in advance, too. As a result, PERC’s site visits now run more smoothly by allowing technicians to see more than just where they need to be.

And while their techs are on site, they can record a great wealth of information with just a few taps on their mobile device, including equipment photos, customer signatures, site information, and more.

The ability to track inventory used during visits has been especially useful for PERC as well. “That is a big, big advantage that we didn’t have with our other system,” says Tom Foley, PERC’s director of operations. “Now when technicians pull inventory off the truck, it goes right to the order and automatically syncs with NetSuite.”


Efficient customer communications with NetSuite-integrated field service management

Today’s customers expect immediate communications and to-the-minute arrival times. Field service companies can eliminate hours-long technician ETA and provide automatic, to-the-minute status updates by email and text to their service customers. All within a NetSuite-connected field service management solution. 

With Service Pro Tech Tracker, service customers can receive automatic updates from Service Pro when the technician is en route to an appointment. Field service organizations can provide a better customer experience by letting customers know when the technician is expected to arrive, without adding any steps to the round-trip workflow.

But it’s not only sharing appointment updates with customers that can help to achieve an excellent service customer experience. With Service Pro for NetSuite on their mobile devices, field technicians can access more than just appointment information. Technicians can take pictures, capture customer signatures, and record notes from their mobile device. And best of all, this information automatically syncs back into NetSuite. 

All this makes for a better experience for Shelby Mechanical’s customers and employees alike. As Megan from Shelby Mechanical says, “Communication with customers and the field from the back office and vice versa has proven to be much more efficient all around.”


MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience for NetSuite - Integrated Field Service Management Software



By pairing Service Pro and NetSuite, field service organizations can achieve the benefits of a fully mobilized field service solution to provide a stellar service customer experience.

Within weeks of implementing Service Pro for NetSuite, companies achieve greater time savings, faster billing, and more efficient service processes. Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more.

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