MSI’s Service Pro Automates Collection of Field Service Visit Customer Satisfaction Feedback

New version of Service Pro streamlines service operations with automated customer feedback, improved documentation accessibility, and comprehensive help documentation


As the premier field service management software, MSI’s Service Pro is continuously updated to add more efficiency-driving features to support your service operations. 

Read on to learn about the latest release of Service Pro.


Collect customer feedback and notify customers of appointment cancellations automatically with Service Pro Tech Tracker

Today’s customers expect immediate communication with your service company. 

And that doesn’t mean playing phone tag to let them know a technician is running late. Or leaving a voicemail when the appointment is canceled.

Your customers need to-the-minute updates about their service appointments, so they aren’t left waiting and wondering when the technician might show up.

That’s what MSI’s Service Pro Tech Tracker provides: automated text and email updates for all your service appointments. No more phone tag. No more confusion about technician ETA. Just satisfied, informed service customers.

And it just keeps getting better. This new version of MSI’s Service Pro makes Tech Tracker even more valuable for your service operations.


MSI's Service Pro Tech Tracker automated field service appointment communications


Enable automatic collection of customer feedback as soon as the work is complete

Keeping customers happy is crucial for field service operations. If your customer has just one bad experience with your company, you can bet they’ll start looking at your competitors.

That’s why Service Pro Tech Tracker now provides automatic customer feedback collection.

When enabled, a text message or email is sent to the customer when the appointment is complete. The customer can then rate the appointment and provide a comment about their service experience.

Any customer comments provided automatically appear in the Service Pro system, where they can be reviewed and exported for easier analysis.

Now with Service Pro Tech Tracker, you can act immediately on any negative feedback, work on correcting the issue, and better understand your customers’ needs. All this will result in improved customer retention and satisfaction.


Notify customers of appointment cancellations without adding extra steps to your service process

Your customers’ time is valuable. And leaving them in the dark about their service appointments wastes their time and gives them a bad impression of your company.

With Service Pro Tech Tracker, you can keep your customers updated about their service appointments, without adding any steps to your service process.

And with the latest release, now you can automatically notify customers when an appointment has been canceled. This allows your customers to be better informed and go on about their day.


Access to the documents you need, where you need them

As a service professional, you know how much paperwork the service process can produce. Work orders, contracts, quotes, purchase orders, you name it. And all of it offers critical insights to improving your service operations.

But trying to find those insights in stacks of paperwork is like finding a needle in a haystack. And you’re left either spending hours sorting through it or giving up and making a best guess.

Now with the latest version of Service Pro, you have access to the documents you need, exactly where you need them. 

For example, if a technician takes a photo of the broken equipment at the customer site, you can then attach that photo to a specific order line. This is helpful if you need to explain service charges to a customer but aren’t able to go on site.


Define role-based access with the comprehensive roles and rights configuration guide and planning worksheets

In service organizations, there are many players with many different roles. And that impacts how the roles and rights in your field service management solution should be set up.

For example, your dispatchers need to see all technicians’ availability, location, and skillset, but your technicians only need to see their own schedule. 

That’s why your field service management system must be able to provide role-based access to information. Then your team can focus on their assigned tasks, without having to sort through unnecessary data.

MSI’s Service Pro now offers a comprehensive guide to help you define your company’s roles and rights and set it up correctly in the system. 

This 93-page guide includes:

  • How to set up and assign roles and rights in the system
  • Clear definitions of all available Service Pro rights
  • Worksheets for planning how you want to assign rights to each role
  • Downloadable spreadsheet for tracking and comparing rights across all roles


MSI's Service Pro Roles and Rights Documentation



As field service customers’ demands increase, MSI’s Service Pro continues to evolve and adapt, so you can better meet your customers’ changing needs. 

Invest in the future of your field service business with a field service management provider that’s dedicated to your success.

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