Latest Release of MSI’s Service Pro Elevates Field Service Customer Experience with Instant Communication

Provide the high-quality experience your field service customers deserve with the new version of Service Pro


Keeping your field service customers happy is not an easy task. It takes a combination of stellar service, seamless communication, and on-demand access to service history. But providing a high-quality customer experience is definitely worth the effort.

The fact is maximizing the satisfaction of customers has the potential to boost field service company revenues by 15% while reducing the cost of service by 20%.

That’s why MSI’s Service Pro, the premier field service management software, offers many feature-packed software releases throughout the year. As your customer needs change, Service Pro evolves to meet those needs, so you can achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

Read on to learn about the latest version of Service Pro.


Upgrade your customer experience with automatic appointment updates from Service Pro Tech Tracker

Has this happened to you before?

You schedule in-home service with a cable company or utilities provider. Then the company gives you a four-hour window for the technician’s arrival. But you have to run a few errands and end up being not at home when the tech shows up. So the technician leaves without performing the service.

The end result? Your issue remains unresolved and you have to start the whole process over again. This all-too-common occurrence definitely does not make for a positive customer experience. 

The good news is you can eliminate hours-long technician ETA and provide automatic, to-the-minute status updates by email and text to your service customers. All within an end-to-end field service management solution.

The latest release of MSI’s Service Pro introduces Tech Tracker, an add-on feature that allows your service customers to receive automatic updates from Service Pro when a technician is en route to an appointment.

Without adding any steps to your round-trip workflow, you can provide a better service experience for your customers by letting them know when their technician is expected to arrive.


MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience - Tech Tracker for field service organizations


Save time in the back office

By providing automated pre-appointment communications with Tech Tracker, you can get rid of the manual process of calling customers with appointment updates.

Here’s how:

When the technician updates his status to en route on Service Pro Mobile, the customer automatically receives an email or text message with the tech’s name, current ETA, appointment address, and your company’s phone number.

This automated process can save hours of your back office team’s time every day, freeing them up to focus on revenue-driving activities instead.


Reduce return trips

In your field service business, it’s likely you’ve had a technician show up on site to find no one around to help him access the equipment to be serviced. Then the tech just turns back around empty handed, leaving you to pick up the cost of his time and travel expenses.

With automated communications from Tech Tracker, your customers can be better prepared for service appointments and reduce the need for return trips.

When customers know the tech’s ETA, they can make sure someone is on site to allow access to the service items. And because your tech can complete his work more efficiently, you’ll have less unbillable time to cover.


Grow your customer relationships

Today’s customers expect immediate communications and to-the-minute arrival times. Especially when their mission-critical equipment is down, they need to know when they can get up and running again.

With Tech Tracker, your service customers don’t need to wonder when the technician will arrive. They can track the technician’s live travel route through an online status page, updated every two minutes using the tech’s GPS location.


MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience - Tech Tracker for field service organizations


Provide instant inspection reports with the Service Pro Customer Portal

Inspections are vitally important to your service customers’ success. As their chosen inspector, they depend on you to monitor their equipment health, offer suggestions to keep their equipment running efficiently, and help them maintain compliance with government regulations.

With so much critical information from the inspections, your resulting inspection reports have to be easily accessible by your customers. It’s obvious that printing and mailing reports days after the inspection was performed is not an ideal customer experience.

With the latest release of Service Pro, you can provide instant inspection reports to your customers, right in the Service Pro Customer Portal.

Now when your technician completes an inspection on Service Pro Mobile, the inspection report is automatically added as a printer-friendly PDF in the Service Pro Customer Portal.

This allows your customers to view inspection reports immediately, without waiting for one of your back office team members to manually print and mail the report.


MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience - Customer Portal for field service organizations



As field service customers’ demands increase, MSI’s Service Pro continues to evolve and adapt, so you can better meet your customers’ changing needs. Make an investment in the future of your field service business with a field service management provider that’s dedicated to your success. 

You can start improving your customer satisfaction while increasing service revenue with Service Pro today. Request a demo now.