Field Service Case Study: TEC-Corp Improves Service Efficiency after Implementing Service Pro Field Service Management Software

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TEC-Corp Invests in Service Pro to Continue Legacy of Strong Service and Support; Experiences Faster Billing, Time Savings, and More Prepared Technicians within First Few Months


TEC-Corp, the parent company of Thompson Electric Company and Electric Innovations, was created to provide continuity of services to all of the TEC-Corp subsidiaries. Since 1933, Thompson Electric has provided premier electrical contractor service around the Midwest. Electric Innovations was added to the mix in the last decade adding fire alarm, CCTV, door access control and various network managed services to clients.

Because they utilize technology in every aspect of their service business, TEC-Corp was looking for a software partner that could support their complex service needs and help them maintain the trust and loyalty of their customer base.

“We have a big service business” said TEC CFO, Renee Beaulieu. That’s why they recently transitioned their manual service processes to Service Pro field service management suite for mobile and service technician work order management.

Service Pro is integrated with Vista by Viewpoint, which TEC uses for back office and accounting. The integration between the two systems allows TEC to seamlessly tie the service work they do in the field with the rest of the business.

Service Management Challenges

Before TEC-Corp implemented Viewpoint and selected Service Pro to manage service tasks, they were running everything on paper.

Past Service Process:

“It was a very manual, paper driven process,” said Renee. “We generated paper work tickets out of our accounting software, and then physically handed them to the service technicians. They’d complete them, handwrite information in the field, and then turn in the ticket once the work was complete. It was a slow process for getting things done and billed timely, and sometimes paper would get lost.”

It was important to TEC-Corp to invest in technology younger techs are comfortable with and that helps them succeed.

“We’re hiring younger technicians and electricians, and it’s important to these younger, tech-savvy workers to have innovative, mobile tools on which to document and submit their work.”

Action Taken

TEC-Corp is still in the process of rolling out Service Pro to its three divisions. One division has been live on the system for a few months, and it’s already seeing results using Service Pro to eliminate paper, automate work order documentation, track technician payroll, and perform inspections.

Current Service Process:

“In the company that has rolled out Service Pro to its field technicians, we’re taking the service calls and dispatching our electricians via Vista which flows out to the mobile app through Service Pro Mobile. All the technicians have iPads in the field so they are getting their information via the iPad and submitting their completed work with any other information. Techs can take pictures of anything they need to send back to our office. Once a work order is marked complete, it goes straight to the back office and starts the billing process.”

Results from Service Efficiency Software

  • Quicker turnaround time for billing – “Technicians can complete the work order and the information is back to the office by the end of the day. With the complete billing detail in our system immediately, we can bill right away rather than waiting a week or two until everything is turned in and reentered.”
  • Less data reentry: “Once the technician completes the work order and marks it complete in Service Pro, our admin staff can pull up the completed work order in Vista and get it out to the customer without any reentry. One trend we’re noticing is customers are requiring more detailed billing than they used to. With Service Pro and Vista, admin staff can spend more time confirming and completing additional detail and less work on the data entry so we can still be efficient and accurate with greater detail.”
  • Payroll efficiencies: –“Technicians and electricians enter time on their mobile device through Service Pro and it flows into Vista. That used to be entered by someone in the office, so we’re saving time reentering payroll information, and it’s more accurate.”
  • Field technicians are more prepared: “With the ability to see their schedules for the week right on their mobile device, technicians can plan for further out than just tomorrow. Before Service Pro, they didn’t know what they were doing until they walked into the office in the morning and were handed a stack of paper work orders. That didn’t give them a lot of time to think through the process and determine what they were going to do. Now they can plan their route, know what parts they’ll need, and create a service plan to achieve higher success rates.”
  • Able to perform more work: “Our hope is that, with Service Pro, we’ll be able to do more work because our field people will spend less time shuffling papers.”


TEC-Corp is already seeing time savings, faster billing, and more efficient service processes since implementing Service Pro. As they continue to roll out the platform to the rest of its divisions, those benefits will multiply.

TEC-Corp is known for its superior customer service and tech-savvy, and at MSI we’re excited to provide them with the tools they need in the field to continue their legacy of strong service and support.

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