MSI Expands Service Pro Capabilities for Multi-Location/Division Field Service Firms

Service Pro adds Divisions and Regions functionality for Diverse Field Service Enterprises


Service Pro now includes new Divisions and Regions capabilities, designed to streamline day to day management as well as reporting by allowing companies to match their organizational structure in the Service Pro system.


Managing Service Activities with Divisions and Regions

Service Pro sorts, schedules, and tracks day to day service activities by division and job site, including calls, orders, customers, scheduling, employees, contracts and sites. Field managers track incoming calls, build teams, and schedule technicians to work at specific locations and divisions.


Reporting Upon Work with Divisions and Regions

Obtaining data from each company location and division provides critical insights needed to improve the business. For example, the call tracking feature determines which locations and divisions require the most service. Field managers can then schedule more technicians to work on those sites, and even expand business where divisions need more service. Service Pro safely stores this data, requiring no manual reporting. Service Managers can view, manage and report on work by divisional or regional groups.


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