Vista Users Go Paperless and Achieve Six-Figure Savings with Integrated Field Service Management

Companies accelerate service-to-cash cycle, boost technician efficiency, and save thousands annually with Vista-connected field service software


In 2020, we’ve seen huge advancements in technology. Use of contact-less payments and services has skyrocketed. Drones are delivering packages all over the world. Robots are helping provide care to quarantined patients. 

It’s clear technology helps many businesses thrive through uncertainty. So why are there still so many field service companies resisting technology?

The truth is 52% of field service organizations still use manual methods for most of their field service tasks. This is despite the fact that 40% of companies that use cloud-based field service management software are growing. 


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So if you’re looking to expand your field services in 2020, it’s obvious that a cloud-based field service solution is the way to go. 

Just look at what these companies have achieved since adopting Vista-integrated field service management: They streamlined their processes, sped up their invoicing cycle, and captured more billable materials, all resulting in an ROI in the tens of thousands. And these results are common for Service Pro for Vista users.

Read on to see how TEC Corp, Shoreline Pools, and Westco use Service Pro for Vista to collect payments faster, save time and money, and improve the technician experience.


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Faster service-to-cash cycle

By using paper-based processes, field service organizations may not be paid for their services for several weeks. 

But with paperless, integrated processes, those same businesses can process invoices much faster, often the same day services are provided.


Comprehensive work orders from the field

Midwest-based electrical service provider, TEC-Corp, streamlined communication between the field and back office with MSI’s Service Pro for Vista. Now instead of delaying the billing process by a couple weeks, it can begin as soon as service is completed. 

“Technicians can complete the work order and the information is back to the office by the end of the day,” said TEC-Corp CFO, Renee Beaulieu. “With the complete billing detail in our system immediately, we can bill right away rather than waiting a week or two until everything is turned in and reentered.”


Same day billing

When Californian mechanical contracting company, Westco, implemented Service Pro for Vista, they knew they needed to speed up their billing cycle. In fact, David Barberio, Westco’s CIO, expressed that faster invoicing was their number one goal when they transitioned to the new system. 

“With Service Pro and Viewpoint, our turnaround time to bill the customer decreased from two weeks to less than a week,” David said. “Usually we’re able to bill the same day.”


Paperless processes save time and money

It’s no surprise that eliminating paper from your service processes can save time. Technicians don’t have to waste travel time dropping off paperwork at the office. And back office personnel don’t have to play phone-tag with technicians to verify their handwritten scribbles. 

But switching from manual, paper-based processes to integrated, cloud-based processes can result in significant ROI for your service business, too.


Eliminate need for double data entry

With the ability to collect information in Service Pro, then sync to the back office, Westco was able to remove all paper work orders. And they eliminated the need for back office workers to re-enter data from the field for billing purposes, which saves them a full day of data entry duties.

“Now when guys enter a line item – like let’s say labor and material – it comes in as a line item in the accounting system already,” said David. “There’s no need for double data entry.”

And the data that’s coming from the field is more complete and accurate, which allows Westco to capture more billable materials that would’ve otherwise gone unpaid.

As David said, “We’re able to collect a lot more data by all the labor items, materials used, and miscellaneous charges that we have in our line of work.”


No paper results in six-figure savings

For Tweet/Garot, a mechanical contractor in Wisconsin, tracking time and labor using just paper was a big struggle. Since upgrading to a fully electronic service process, including Service Pro for Vista, Service Manager Sara Kaiser had the data to prove just how much more efficient their team has become.

“Before we went electronic, I measured how long technicians took to come to the office, do paperwork and arrive at job sites,” said Tweet/Garot Service Manager Sara Kaiser. “When we streamlined those processes and went electronic, we had about $70,000 in savings in one year.”

Sara also recalls that upgrading the standard electronic system to a fully mobilized solution saved even more money.

“When we added MSI to the mix and put all of the apps together so they could just go in one location, that saved another $20,000 a year. It’s probably $100,000 a year we were saving.”


Better technician experience

This year has forced most businesses to adapt to working remotely, or risk closing their doors for good. Luckily, Service Pro for Vista users didn’t skip a beat thanks to the comprehensive, easy-to-use mobile app for technicians.


Easy to use mobile app

Change is hard for everyone, but especially when you’ve been using the same processes for decades. However, the technicians at Tweet/Garot found the Service Pro Mobile app so easy to use, they got the hang of it within just a couple uses.

One service technician named Justin said he only took a day to get up to speed with the Service Pro Mobile app. 

“Before, everything was on paper,” Justin said. “But this is so easy that you can email invoices, send it through and get on with your day. After you try the app once or twice, you pretty much have it.”

And for Shoreline Pools, the largest pool contractor in the Northeast, their technicians were more than happy to get rid of paper for good. 

“Our techs who have been using mobile for the last couple of months seem to be very comfortable,” said Mark Condon, accounting manager at Shoreline Pools. “They’re excited about not having stacks of paper flying around their trucks. The reception has been very positive.”


Better prepared for work

Many service companies dread having to schedule a return trip. And customers don’t like it, either. In fact, 63% of customers agree that a service company’s failure to resolve the problem the first time is unacceptable.

With a robust, Vista-integrated mobile app, technicians can arrive on site better prepared to get the job done right the first time. 

According to TEC-Corp’s CFO Renee, having access to the complete details of appointments ahead of time helped technicians show up on site, ready to complete the task. 

“With the ability to see their schedules for the week right on their mobile device, technicians can plan for further out than just tomorrow,” Renee said. 

“Before Service Pro, they didn’t know what they were doing until they walked into the office in the morning and were handed a stack of paper work orders. That didn’t give them a lot of time to think through the process and determine what they were going to do.” 

“Now they can plan their route, know what parts they’ll need, and create a service plan to achieve higher success rates.”



By pairing Service Pro and Vista, you can achieve the benefits of a fully mobilized field service solution. 

Office administration and service techs love how Service Pro and Vista make tracking field service time easy. With Service Pro, every labor detail and minute of time is entered at the click of a button. And upon sync, customers can be immediately billed digitally from Vista. 

Within weeks of implementing Service Pro for Vista, companies achieve greater time savings, faster billing, and more efficient service processes. Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

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