Achieve Service Excellence with Mobile Inspections [Webinar Recording]

Translate inspections into data to grow your service business with an integrated mobile inspection app.


MSI recently presented a webinar, 3 Ways to Achieve Service Excellence with Mobile Inspections, to help service organizations automate their inspection process.

In the webinar, we covered how a mobile inspection app can:

  • Improve service compliance and consistency
  • Better predict your customers’ needs and wants
  • Identify service and product sales opportunities

Read on to learn how an easy-to-use mobile inspection app can boost the quality and efficiency of your entire service organization while driving revenue.

How paper inspections limit service organization growth

What happens after your inspection forms are filled out? Are they filed away, never to be seen again? If so, you may be missing out on significant insights and revenue opportunities for your service organization.

And recording data on paper and reentering it in the back office just isn’t fast enough for companies to be proactive in the field.


Stack of Paperwork


Whether you’re in charge of running a massive service organization or performing bulk inspections, automating the inspection process through mobile is key to success in today’s increasingly connected environment.

Mobile devices equipped with an all-in-one field service management system allow data to start working for you as quickly as possible.

Let’s review a couple ways a mobile inspection app can help you unlock more revenue from your inspection process.


Improve service compliance and consistency

You probably know the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” The same could be said for managing paper inspection forms: you can try to enforce your technicians to fill them out, but mistakes happen. They may forget to fill out the paper form, or fill it out and misplace it, or write so illegibly you can’t read it.

And what happens if the technician completes the wrong version of the inspection form? If they have to go back on site to fill out the correct version, then they’re missing out on servicing other customers and bringing in more billable hours.

With a mobile inspection app, you can ensure your field technicians arrive prepared to every appointment with all the information they need in the palm of their hand. Here’s how.


field service inspection forms


Configurable mobile form builder

MSI’s field service management software, Service Pro, includes a highly configurable form builder that allows you to translate any paper form into a mobile form. Using the form builder, you can make any field mandatory, including photos and signatures. And even better news: there’s no coding needed, so you can focus your IT resources on more important, revenue-driving projects.

Consistent, accurate mobile inspections

With a mobile inspection app, there’s no question about which form version to use. You can automatically push the current form version to all of your technicians’ mobile devices from Service Pro’s form builder.

What about enforcing mobile form completion while techs are in the field? Service Pro’s got you covered. To make sure your technicians fill out inspections consistently and accurately, you can add the form as a required task to work orders. This means your technicians can’t close the work order until the inspection form is filled out as required.

And all the data your techs collect through these mobile forms automatically syncs back into your ERP or accounting system, so you can make sure your customers are getting exactly what they need from your services.


Collect – and act on – customer feedback

Let’s face it – it’s not easy to analyze a stack of papers to extract areas of improvement. You know you should review paper inspection forms to see where your services could perform better, but you always seem to have more immediate priorities to get to first.

However, if your inspection forms are just filed away in a drawer, you may be missing out on important insights from those forms to drive customer satisfaction and retention. These forms may include important data, such as recurring equipment failures, that you can use to develop stronger customer relationships.


Mobile inspection app and three benefits


For example, let’s say your field technician identifies a failed piece of equipment at a customer site and documents the issue in the inspection form. Actually, this piece of equipment has failed multiple times over the past year. What happens next?

If you’re using Service Pro, you have that data immediately available. As soon as the technician completes the mobile form, you can see it in the field service management software in the back office. You can view this customer’s previous inspection forms online and determine the piece of equipment should be replaced.

Next, you can forward that information to your sales team so they can connect with the customer. With data to back up the need for new equipment, your sales team has a stronger pitch for the customer to replace the equipment and purchase a service contract for preventive maintenance. So you get more value out of your customer and the customer gets better equipment uptime. It’s a win-win for everyone.



By replacing messy, handwritten paper inspection forms with a fast, easy mobile inspection app, you can achieve service excellence. Organizations work smarter, not harder. Powered by a service engine that’s firing on all cylinders, companies drive benefits to both their customers and themselves, without hiring more employees.

Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

Watch the webinar recording now to discover even more ways a mobile inspection app drives service excellence.


Webinar Recording: 3 Ways to Achieve Service Excellence with Mobile Inspections

Learn how to translate inspections into data to grow your service business with a mobile inspection app in this free webinar recording.

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