Webinar Recording for Vista Users: Measuring and Maximizing Your Mobile Field App Investment

Vista users: Are you mobile ready? Four questions to ask

Going mobile to collect data in the field may be the single biggest step contractors can take to boost productivity and efficiency.

But are you ready to make the move? And have you considered all the important questions to ensure your return on investment (ROI)?

MSI recently presented a webinar, Measuring and Maximizing Your Mobile Field App Investment, to help Vista users like you prepare for a successful mobile field service transformation.

Presenters Ray Thomas, MSI’s vice president of sales, and Adam Bartos, MSI’s director of sales engineering, shared the best practices they’ve identified from helping dozens of Vista customers make the move to mobile.

In the webinar, Thomas and Bartos cover:

  • How to determine if your contracting company is ready to go mobile
  • How to measure mobile field app ROI
  • How other contractors navigated their switch from paper processes to mobile

Before embarking on your mobile transformation journey, Thomas suggests starting with an internal discussion of your current state. Specifically, he recommends you answer these four questions.

Four questions to determine mobile readiness


Are your processes documented?

Without knowing where you’re starting from, it’s harder to know where you’re going. Documenting your processes is a great first step to understand how your field contracting services workflow works today. It also allows you to see which steps can be streamlined or eliminated with the introduction of a fully mobilized field service solution.


Do you have known areas of improvement?

Here’s an opportunity to connect with your team to learn what their challenges are today. Have your techs reported any complaints with filling out paperwork? What about your dispatchers? Before going mobile, make sure you understand where you need to improve, so your outcomes will be even more impactful.


What are your goals for mobile transformation?

With documented processes and input from your team, you’re now ready to set your goals for mobile technology implementation. Think about the pain points your team identified and your ideal digital workflow to determine where your company can improve. This will help you clearly define your company’s needs and set you up for a successful digital transformation. 


Who is leading the mobile transformation project?

Without a defined project leader, it’s likely the mobile transformation project will be pushed aside when more urgent day-to-day issues arise. Select a project leader who understands and promotes the transition from paper to mobile and who can prove to leadership why the project must be prioritized. If you need an extra boost to convince your team, check out our white paper, How to Sell Your Vision of Service Automation to the C-Suite.

Service Pro Mobile for Vista by Viewpoint


To ensure a successful rollout, it’s important to be well-prepared for your mobile transformation project. Asking yourself these four questions is just a start to your journey.

Watch the webinar recording now to discover the necessary steps you need to take to get the most out of your mobile app investment.


Webinar Recording: Measuring and Maximizing Your Mobile Field App Investment

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