Why Your Field Service Company Isn’t Growing: 3 Hard Truths

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Discover the missing puzzle piece to unlock how to grow your field service company

Looking to move your field service company to the next level of productivity and profitability? Let’s look at three reasons your field service operations may be slow to grow.


Truth #1: Using spreadsheets and online calendars to manage field service scheduling can help, but they’re disconnected and difficult to scale.

Although spreadsheets and Google Calendar can work for a few technicians, growing companies struggle to manage and schedule field work efficiently using these tools. Often these manual methods lead to more time spent managing schedules instead of growing the business.

Leading service companies empower their field technicians and back office team to be in lockstep to best support their customers. But by using manual methods of collecting information, service organizations are likely missing out on opportunities to grow existing customer relationships. And that means a loss of potential revenue, too.


Truth #2: It takes weeks to get paid, , and it seems like customers never pay on time.

It’s obvious that the longer it takes to prepare and send out an invoice, the longer it takes to receive payment.

Research suggests that the average time for field service companies to get paid is 34 days.

That’s because paper forms and work orders slow down the process of information management and data entry. And these processes, in turn, increase the amount of time and resources spent translating handwritten documents and recording billable hours.


Truth #3: Service management can be streamlined, but disconnected data makes it difficult to find actionable intelligence.

Many service organizations have been dependent on paper for decades. They stick to the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Since their outdated processes make it difficult to detect trends, these service companies have trouble digging through stacks of paperwork to derive important business insights. And that’s why these companies are falling behind their technology-embracing competitors.

With field service management software integrated into your ERP, you can get rid of paperwork for good. And integrated software offers many benefits for both your techs in the field and your back office team.

Your field technicians have everything they need to get the job done right the first time, all from their mobile device. There’s no need to stop in the office to pick up or drop off paperwork.

Your back office team doesn’t have to waste time re-entering data collected in the field and deciphering messy handwritten forms.


Don’t let manual processes stop your field service company from growing. 

Your field service company might be ready to scale, but your disconnected processes aren’t. Whether you’re relying on paper or using multiple apps to manage your business, a growing business requires a next-level solution. 

Does your business feel stuck in its current size? Schedule your free consultation to learn how you can prepare for growth. 


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