Maintaining Subcontractor Compliance: Why it Matters and How to Standardize It with a Service Management App

Many service organizations work with subcontractors to meet high-demand or fill a geographic need. When you hire subcontractors, they represent your company, so it’s important to make sure they have the same information and guidelines as your regular techs so … Continue reading

iOS Convenience in Phablet Form: Why Field Service Orgs Should be Excited about the Upcoming iPhone 6 Release

With mobile technicians, field service organizations require smart solutions for their unique needs—the most obvious remedy having come from adoption of the aptly named “smart”phone in the field. Unfortunately, the smartphone has encountered some issues for everyday field service use; … Continue reading

How the Apple-IBM Partnership Could Change iOS Mobile Field Service

This July, Apple announced its partnership with enterprise tech giant, IBM. Within the terms of the agreement, IBM will create exclusive industry applications for iOS and use its services to bring iPads and iPhones to corporations. The announcement made front-page … Continue reading

For Field Service App Deployment, iOS Benefits are More than Skin Deep

People love Apple for their “sexy” devices, seamlessly integrated software and hardware, and innovative reputation. But when I hear iOS, I don’t necessarily think “top enterprise operating system,” or “tough field devices.” Many service managers overlook iOS when they’re searching … Continue reading

2014 Apple News: 6 Updates to Guide your iOS Mobile Field Service Strategy

2014 has been (and by all predictions, will continue to be) a big year for Apple. While we’ve already seen some iOS announcements earlier this year like a few iOS 7 upgrades and Apple’s announcement to partner with IBM, rumors … Continue reading