Insights from EGSA Distributor/Dealer Committee: How to Create a Culture of Strong Customer Service within Your Generator Business

The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) is the world’s largest organization dedicated exclusively to On-Site Power Generation. We just got back from our first EGSA conference in Jacksonville and were blown away at how collaborative and welcoming their members were.

Choosing a Mobile Platform for Your Service Business: Roundtable Discussion – Field Force Friday

Today, Adam, Josh, and Ray will answer some of the most pressing mobile platform questions to help you decide which is best for you when rolling out a mobile service management initiative. Depending on what features are most important to

The Great Talent Hunt: Building Your Qualified Technician Workforce–[SlideShare]

The demand for technicians is surging while the talent pool seems to be shrinking. Now, more than ever, service organizations need to pull out all the stops to find qualified service technicians. Follow along and learn how you can battle

4 Steps to Becoming a Data-Driven Field Service Operation

Imagine driving down the road on a dark, stormy night. The rain pounding on your windshield makes it nearly impossible to see where you’re going and there are no street lamps to light your way. Luckily, (eureka!) you see the

Different Hats of a Service Technician – Field Force Friday

Ah, the pivotal service technician, very much the lifeblood of any service department or organization. But when we think of the service technician we often only associate them to one thing: repairs. In the third edition of Field Force Friday,

Take Scouting Tactics to the Field: Transition from Manual to Automated Service Management to Make the Most of Your Data

As the head of a service organization you are like a coach. When your team has a game it’s crucial that you have done the proper scouting (a.k.a data collecting) on your opponent so you know where you can take

Sierra Monitor Gives In-Depth Equipment Service Intelligence back to OEMs—[Complementary Technology Series]

MSI: Thanks for speaking with me Varun! Could you explain who you are and what your role is at Sierra Monitor? Sierra Monitor Corporation(SMC): I’m the CEO of Sierra Monitor. I’ve been with the company for six months (as of

How to Build an Effective Dealer Service Network – Field Force Friday

It’s no secret that manufacturers of heavy or complex equipment have extremely unique and robust systems and processes. Further, field service is a HUGE part of that business. For every dealer of heavy equipment, there might be hundreds of service

How Android for Work Brings about Next Generation of Enterprise Mobile Management and What it Means for Field Service

In the field service world, mobile is nothing new. According to TSIA’s Field Services Benchmark Survey, 81% of companies have already implemented mobility platforms in the field. But how many are using mobile as efficiently as they could be? How

Convergence Series: GM Provides Field Fleet Efficiency by Converging Top Technology with New Vehicle Models

As current technologies continue to converge by taking advantage of two or more systems in one device or solution, businesses have been quick to capitalize on the clear benefits. One example of an industry combining new technology to their existing