7 Ways Service Pro for NetSuite Simplifies Field Service Management in the Cloud

How the cloud combo of Service Pro field service management and NetSuite ERP simplifies field to office work


NetSuite is a global leader in cloud-based ERP. And Service Pro manages the full scope of field service management activities, from customer calls and scheduling to invoicing and reporting. Together, they create a dynamic duo that can tackle any service management task, including billing and complete field-to-office data integration.

Because field service is inherently mobile, with moving workers, parts, vehicles, and information, service organizations need more than just back office accounting software. NetSuite ERP users are taking their software needs to the field as they realize the benefits of integrated field service management and ERP solutions.

Ready to take your NetSuite-run service business to the next level? Here are 7 ways you can use Service Pro for NetSuite to streamline the service process from office to field.



1. Automate manual service contract management tasks, and sell new contracts in the field

Managing contracts is at the core of strong service management. Service orders and contracts involve parts and labor as well as warranty, preventive maintenance, service level agreements (SLAs), renewals, and scheduling.

With Service Pro, techs can track and record their time, parts, tasks, and other contract details against a NetSuite asset maintenance work order, and sync that data into your billing system upon work order close-out. When they see a service contract is about to run out, they can renew or upgrade on the spot.


2. Shrink customer ETA service windows with precise scheduling and dispatching

Research suggests that 67% of consumers will not give a company their business again if the technician is even one hour late. At the same time, it is useful to notify the customer in the event that the technician is behind schedule–even with a simple text message. 73% of customers are likely to hire the company again if they receive arrival-time updates.

Service Pro visual scheduler allows dispatchers to make rapid work order scheduling decisions and assignments based on actual technician location, availability and skill set. Since they can see exactly where techs are located, schedulers can predict shorter, more accurate ETA windows for customers.


3. Track KPIs to run a data-driven business

Service Pro back office stakeholder portals display data in charts and graphs, which lead to more informed business decisions for each role in the business. When integrated with NetSuite ERP, everyone in the business has access to:

  • Thousands of contracts
  • Different billing terms
  • Need service templates
  • Different invoice requirements
  • Asset hierarchies
  • Metrics and KPIs


4. Connect to your work offline

ERP systems are designed to serve businesses that exist within the confines of a building. Field service, however, lives outside the office, which is why it’s so important to have a mobile app that runs natively and works offline.

Connect technicians in the field with schedulers and back office workers withaAn always-connected mobile field service app that runs on multiple platforms. With a cross-platform native app, you never have to worry about techs who can’t finish or document their work. They always have access to the mobile app, which also helps keep your back office workers and accountants in the loop.


5. Increase service workforce utilization & first time fix rates

Equipped with customer, service, and equipment information right on their mobile devices, techs can come to the jobsite prepared and keep customers informed.

Ian Greenblatt, Managing Director of JD Power, believes that securing a high customer satisfaction rating goes beyond dispatching competent technicians. “The brands that are most effectively managing the in-home service customer experience are communicating in advance with customers across multiple communications platforms. They make it easy to request service, accurately project the technician arrival time and follow up to address outstanding issues. Doing all of this well requires an enterprise-wide commitment to service.”


6. Get paid faster: Speed billing and invoicing

In the Service Pro mobile app, tech labor information automatically syncs with the work order and integrates with the NetSuite payroll to create labor-based quotes fast. You can create these quotes and send them to customers same day, which accelerates your service to cash cycle.


7. Do it all with integrated field service and back office intelligence

Whether in manufacturing, distribution, medical equipment, government, HVAC, telecom or cable, firms with service operations and field technicians need ERP-integrated service management software to make complex service processes more efficient and profitable. Service Pro for NetSuite gives you the most powerful, integrated field service management application to compliment your NetSuite ERP system.


Conclusion: Improve service efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cash flow with Service Pro for NetSuite

When NetSuite ERP and Service Pro join forces, an optimal system is created. Organizations work smarter, not harder. Powered by a service engine that’s firing on all cylinders, companies drive benefits to both their customers and themselves, without hiring more employees.

Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

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