Field Service Case Study: Synexis Achieves Real-Time Communication with Service Pro for NetSuite by MSI Data

Synexis’® mission since 2008 has been to make the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch continuously cleaner. As the industry leader in microbial reduction where their innovative patented Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) fights viruses, bacteria, odors, and more.

Their Synexis BioDefense Systems have undergone rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and is certified to meet UL2998 for zero ozone emissions. Since they produce zero ozone, their devices can run 24/7/365 without anyone needing to leave the room. There is a reason they were named one of Newsweek’s Best Infection Prevention Products of 2021. They strive to improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and are proud to support Infection Preventionists worldwide as a 2022 APIC Strategic Partner.  Synexis turns the places and spaces we exist; into places and spaces we live – where we can breathe a little easier.


The main challenges Synexis faced in finding a field service software was finding a solution that could:

  • Assist in real-time communication of scheduling & dispatching appointments to their field technicians from the backend headquarters.
  • Allow users to quickly document & report onsite work from the field technicians back to their headquarters team.
  • Integrate with their existing NetSuite environment.


Integration with real-time visibility and communication:

Service Pro by MSI Data seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to provide immediate and accurate information exchange. Dispatchers can create a work order in NetSuite or Service Pro and then use the scheduling board to assign the appointment by dragging it to the desired technician and time. A map in the lower right-hand corner gives visibility of where the appointment and technician are. Real-time statuses on the appointment update as the technician accepts, starts, and closes orders so you know where your technician is in each step.

Field documentation and reporting functions:

From a reporting point of view, Service Pro has allowed the Synexis team to quickly communicate what has been done on-site, and what additional actions are required. Before Service Pro, a large majority of the existing paperwork and reporting was done by hand, which created large gaps and delays in communicating what is happening on site. With the documentation and reporting functions of Service Pro, the organization has moved to seamless real-time communication of when work was completed, and what work was done.


While many other software vendors may have some of these capabilities, Service Pro was able to accomplish the goal of real-time communication & dispatch to the field technicians.


After implementing Service Pro, it was clear that the previous way Synexis was operating was inefficient and detrimental to maintaining accuracy. Now that Service Pro is in place, the ability to track everything within the service organization is possible.

“As a startup company with a focus on IEQ (indoor environmental quality) and microbial reduction. the pandemic accelerated our growth seemingly overnight. Having a scalable solution like MSI already in place allowed us to lean into its capabilities with confidence.”

~Darren, Director of Field Operations

The Business Intelligence capabilities have allowed Synexis to not only track KPIs but define them as well. The information exchange that now allows extensive visibility is a massive change from what was possible implementing Service Pro.

The Synexis team now can track the utilization of individual techs by geographic region, assignment type, time spent on site, the success rate in relation to completed assignments, and those needing to reschedule/go back. This added information allows Synexis to tighten up existing service windows and provide accurate estimates to their clients on how much of their valuable time may be taken. This insight also allows the team to manage the day-to-day workload and expectations for each of the nomadic technicians.

“The software’s ease of use makes training new users a breeze.  Learning new software and procedures is often anxiety-inducing for new hires, MSI is very simple to navigate online and with the APP, so our team hits the ground running.”

~Darren, Director of Field Operations

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