How Service Pro Offline Mobile Capabilities with Vista by Viewpoint Improve Overall Field Service Operations for Shoreline Pools from Work Order Creation to Faster Billing


Shoreline Pools is the largest pool construction and pool service company in the Northeast. With over 40 years of experience, Shoreline’s number one priority is delivering exceptional customer service and craftsmanship to new and loyal customers.

In order to maintain their core service values in the digital age, Shoreline’s leadership knew they needed service management software that could help exceed their customer’s expectations for prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable pool service and maintenance.

To support their large service team, Shoreline recently transitioned to mobile field service management app, Service Pro for Viewpoint, which integrates seamlessly with their solution in the back-office, Vista by Viewpoint.


Before Service Pro, all service work was done via paper work orders. “We wanted to move into the 21st century and go paperless,” said Mark Condon, Accounting Manager at Shoreline Pools. “That was our number one priority: move away from paper”

The service process used to look like this: techs would get a paper work order when they came in for the day, handwrite what they did, document how long they were onsite, fill out certain questions that were on the physical piece of paper and turn it in when they came back to the office. Then, someone on the admin side would take that data and reenter it into our system.

This manual way of managing work orders required that techs carry mounds of paper forms from place to place and that admin personnel reenter data once those forms were returned. “The process was prone to error and extremely time consuming.”

Action Taken

When choosing which FSM solution to go with, Shoreline knew they needed an app-based solution: mobile software that could run offline, and then sync the work when the technician was back in range.

“Our business goes into areas where there’s not great cell service,” said Mark. “We need to be able to use the app, house the data there, and then sync back when we get to an area with decent cell service. We looked at some web based applications, and that’s just not going to work for us.”

It was also important that the FSM solution Shoreline went with was integrated with Vista by Viewpoint, the back office solution they were using for payroll and accounting.

“Integration with Viewpoint was absolutely a factor in our decision to go with Service Pro. Right now we write work orders through Viewpoint and they go to MSI via mobile devices. Our guys complete the work orders in Service Pro and sync them to the back office in Vista.”


  • Service team enthusiasm:

“Our techs that have been using mobile for the last couple of months seem to be very comfortable. They’re excited about not having stacks of paper flying around their trucks. The reception has been very positive.”

  • Able to work anytime, from anywhere:

The ability to use Service Pro offline was a huge selling point for Shoreline. Because the app is native, techs can complete their work from anywhere, even if there’s no service in that area, and then sync the completed work when they’re back in cell range.

  • More accurate and efficient administrative work:

The admin team at Shoreline used to have to collect physical paper work and enter the information into their system. Now that step is skipped. “The admin’s job has changed a lot,” said Mark. “They’ve gone from entering information to checking over the work and verifying that it’s correct. With MSI, the tech can enter his time, labor, notes, inspection forms, etc. through the Service Pro mobile app.”

  • Flexible inspection forms:

“To complete inspections, we used to have paper tickets with questions: places to document chemical readings and things like that. We worked with MSI to build some forms, and we’re building the rest ourselves. I love the ability to take pictures and add them right to the inspection form.”

  • More accurate and efficient inventory management:

“Service Pro cuts down a step in the inventory management process with a lot less error. Using the app eliminates the possible miscommunication between what the tech writes and the exact part number. Now he’s able to look up, find the part number, and select to add it to a work order.”

  • More accurate payroll with punch clock feature:

We were excited for the punch clock feature because it gives us more accurate gauge of time with proof that techs were working for a specified period of time.”


Since implementing Service Pro, Shoreline has seen the biggest improvements in the field. They’re excited to be using the next wave of technology by tracking work orders through mobile and having everything organized under one neat spot.
Mark said Shoreline’s starting with the basics in Service Pro, but they’re excited to implement some of the extras like data collection, analysis, and preventive maintenance scheduling after the spring/ summer busy season.

We’re excited to help them maintain their core values of strong service and support with the best mobile solution to manage field service.

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