Gain More Billable Mileage with MSI’s Newest Version of Service Pro


According to McKinsey research, field technicians can spend up to an hour on unnecessary driving time every day. And if companies aren’t being reimbursed for that travel, that’s potential revenue they’re losing.

Now available in Service Pro, an easy way to capture accurate travel costs every trip, every time.

Using the Calculate Travel Distance feature, field service organizations can calculate travel distance and capture travel costs for their work orders. All without adding more manual work to the service process.


The importance of accurate mileage tracking for field service companies

Documenting mileage for field service appointments without an integrated mobile app is a big challenge for most field service organizations. 

Companies may have to make do with field technicians logging their starting and ending mileage on a piece of paper. And then their back office team has to manually enter the mileage data into their accounting system to be reimbursed.

Without an automated process to capture mileage, field service organizations are likely unable to bill for all the mileage actually provided. Bottom line, these companies may be losing potential travel revenue on most of their field service visits.


Automatically calculate travel distance

The Calculate Travel Distance feature eliminates the manual travel calculation process for both technicians and office team members. This frees up time that would be spent on data entry and allows them to focus on revenue-driving activities instead. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Using the Service Pro mobile app, the technician updates his status to En Route. 
  • Upon arriving on site, the technician updates his status to Arrived. 
  • Then the system automatically calculates the distance traveled for that appointment by calculating a route from the start and end GPS points. 
  • Next, the system captures that information in travel logs, which can be used to bill customers for travel.

With automated GPS-calculated travel distance for every appointment, field service organizations can capture more billable mileage.


Capture travel costs consistently

With the travel distance automatically calculated in Service Pro, field service companies can consistently bill customers for travel costs. And even better, Service Pro can automatically calculate and capture the cost of travel for future appointments, too.

When an office team member using Service Pro adds a travel task to an appointment, the travel distance calculated for that appointment is automatically saved to a travel task order line. This automatically calculates and captures the cost of that travel, and adds it to the invoice for that appointment.


Grow your service business in 2021 with MSI’s Service Pro

The Calculate Travel Distance feature is just one of many valuable features Service Pro users can leverage to grow their business in 2021. And because the software is continuously updated with high-value features that increase service revenue potential, Service Pro practically pays for itself within a few months.

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