Inspect your Inspections: Achieve Service Excellence with a Mobile Inspection App

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What are mobile inspection apps and just how important are they to your business?

Do you want to improve the performance of your field service organization? Of course you do!

Scores of service managers are keen to discover ways to practically improve and streamline their operations but appear to keep hitting a brick wall. For any business, the systems in place are what determine the success of the entire company. However, there are some things that are difficult to quantify and measure, such as the quality of your customer care, workplace safety, and productivity.

Thankfully, tools now exist which can be used to help quantify these abstract but very important metrics. Enter mobile inspection apps.

What are mobile inspection apps?

Mobile inspection applications are software designed with field-based service businesses in mind to help them streamline operations and improve performance. These apps are meant to make data collection, analysis, and reporting faster and easier.

Through mobile inspection apps, service technicians are able to collect and track detailed site and equipment information while in the field.


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How mobile inspection apps help you

Perhaps you’re wondering just how mobile inspection applications can help you. Firstly, metrics that would be otherwise nearly impossible to measure can now be quantified. To add on, thanks to customizable, no-coding-required inspection forms, you can tailor each inspection to capture exactly the data you need. Keep track of what’s going on, create inspection reports using the app, and send them automatically to your customers as soon as they’re completed.

The importance of using technology to measure metrics

In our fast-paced world, you need to adopt technology to compete and stay relevant. To this end, 86% of companies are deliberately making the decision to invest in technology to improve their productivity.

Mobile inspection applications help you to collect data so you can analyze it and subsequently make informed decisions. It’s difficult to manage what you’re not measuring. You cannot grow your business without reliable information. Having access to accurate data will help your service organization to expand and grow.

Difficult-to-track metrics that can be measured through mobile inspection apps

We are going to take a look at three metrics that tend to be very difficult to quantify and see how mobile inspection apps can be used to keep track of them. These metrics are namely worksite safety, customer satisfaction, and sale of products and services.

Worksite safety

Globally, the International Labor Organization estimates that 2.3 million people die annually because of work-related accidents. Put another way, this is more than 6,000 deaths per day. These figures are astronomical, and in the majority of these cases, these deaths are avoidable with proper, consistent inspection procedures.

This is where inspection apps can step in to help. Through the app, inspectors can document areas of improvement and take photos of required repairs to prevent such accidents. Tasks can be created and allocated within the app to ensure that the problems are attended to as they arise.

This ease of inspection and problem rectification can significantly reduce potential worksite injuries, accidents, and occupational deaths. Reports on inspections carried out can also be generated easily and shared with concerned parties.

Customer satisfaction

If you have a brick and mortar store, one of the only ways to know if your customers are happy with your service is to wait for them to come back. While it is possible to have in-store physical questionnaires, we know how inconvenient they can be. However, a quicker way of doing things and gauging their happiness is through a mobile inspection app.

Through the customizable forms integrated in mobile inspection apps, you’ll be able to identify issues as and when they arise and address them so you don’t lose your customers. These forms can be tailored to obtain as much telling information from your customers so you can improve your service delivery.

Product and service sales

Mobile inspection apps can help you sell more products and services. Field technicians can monitor consumer behavior and take real-time photos that will be used to improve sales pitches.

Being able to monitor what’s happening at customer sites and give reliable feedback will prove invaluable for your business. Once you’ve identified the problem and made amends to fix it, you’ll be able to sell more products and services. And all this thanks to the mobile inspection app.


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Are you keen to get started with a reliable, easy-to-use mobile inspection application? MSI Data is a pioneer in the field of mobile inspection apps, and we’ve helped dozens of organizations improve their field service productivity. Our mobile inspection app, Service Pro, is easy to deploy and fully operational within weeks. Therefore, you can enjoy a rapid ROI on your mobile app investment.

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