How to Receive Payments Faster with Integrated Field Service Management

Keep your service business moving forward by receiving payment more efficiently with ERP-connected field service management

A lot of our daily activities have been disrupted lately and technology seems to be more important than ever. Contactless payment and streaming our entertainment at home have become the norm. Video meetings and conference calls have become some of our only options for social interaction.

Technology is now forever ingrained in our day-to-day tasks. That’s why now is the perfect time to go digital and automate processes in your service business. 

Service work is all about servicing as many customers as efficiently as possible. But handwritten paperwork and delayed invoicing slows down your entire service operation.

Service Pro by MSI will help to speed up your payment process and bring you more satisfied customers. Invoicing can be processed in the blink of an eye. Your technicians will be able to complete jobs on the first go. The mobile app will allow your technicians to focus on fixing issues without getting bogged down by endless paperwork and complex mobile apps.

Read on to find out how integrated field service management can speed up your invoicing process while achieving greater customer satisfaction.

One day cycle for dispatch, service, and payment

Faster Invoicing Cycle

It’s obvious that the longer it takes to prepare and send out an invoice, the longer it takes to receive payment. Paper forms and work orders slow down the process of information management and data entry. These processes, in turn, increase the amount of time and resources spent translating handwritten documents and recording billable hours. 

Service Pro by MSI can decrease or eliminate your need for physical paper forms and speed up the payment process. Research suggests that the average time for field service organizations to get paid is 34 days. Automating and integrating these processes through Service Pro allows information to flow more rapidly. Instead of taking more than a month, your end-to-end service process, including dispatch, service, and payment, can all happen on the same day.

Your team will be able to complete payment on site. You can empower your technicians with Service Pro Payments. This feature will allow your technicians to collect payment, obtain signatures, and process payments instantly.

Is your process from work order to issuing an invoice documented and measurable? Is it organized and efficient? Does it all happen on the same day? MSI’s Service Pro has the ability to organize and file all of the information you need; this will help you receive payment as soon as possible.

Higher First-Time Fix Rate

The Trimble Field Service Index indicates that 63% of customers agree a service company’s failure to resolve the problem the first time is unacceptable. This means if your technician arrives on site without the right background information, skills, or tools, you could be putting that customer relationship at risk. 

Get paid faster and satisfy your customers by fixing the problem the first time. Service Pro by MSI allows you to send the right person to the right job with all of the tools necessary to complete the task at hand. Everything your technicians need to know is right at their fingertips. 

MSI’s Service Pro will ensure that your field service workers are set up for success. The visual scheduler provides a real-time view of the technicians’ status, region, availability, and specific skill set. And you can define each technician’s skill set in Service Pro. This allows dispatchers to better match appointments to the appropriate technician.

Service Pro Mobile offers technicians a 360 degree view of the customer’s history and equipment, even before they arrive on site. The technicians can then show up better prepared. Background history can be recorded and reviewed all the way down to individual machines and parts for each customer site. This allows technicians to prepare for every scenario. Help your technicians complete the job properly and efficiently the first time around to ensure that the billing process moves as quickly as possible.

Increased Wrench Time

To streamline your service processes, you should look to decrease the amount of time that technicians and back office workers spend documenting information and dealing with distractions. Service Pro reduces the amount of time technicians spend writing up paper orders, documenting equipment details, and inspecting customer assets. This allows your technicians  to spend more time focusing on the actual labor that needs to be completed.

Service Pro Mobile is designed for ease of use for technicians and back office workers. This will help you increase billable hours for technicians and reduce the ratio of back office workers required to support your technicians. 

Some of Service Pro’s time saving features include:

  • Punch clock labor function to log time automatically for accurate payroll
  • Speech to text function to simplify documentation
  • Simple purchase order management in the field
  • Automatically sync mobile app data with the back office system to eliminate the need for office visits to drop off paperwork

These features help your technicians do the work that they need to do without all of the unnecessary distractions. And they keep your back office team focused on customer service instead of data entry. MSI’s Service Pro keeps your customers updated and your team working.


Receiving customer payments as soon as possible helps keep your field service organization moving forward. By keeping your customers instantly updated on services and costs, you can increase your customer satisfaction. It’s time to ditch the handwritten work orders and inefficient invoicing processes. 

Let MSI’s Service Pro help you accelerate your invoicing process, get the job done right the first time, and allow your field technicians to focus on fixing the task at hand. Request a demo now.