Drive Revenue and Efficiency with Mobile Field Service Forms

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Empower your team to collect—and act on—customer data with mobile field service forms

It’s a familiar scene for most field service companies: technicians carrying around paperwork and pens to complete their jobs. Maybe they have a folder system to keep these papers tidy. But more likely, the papers just pile up on the passenger seat of the technician’s truck.

Manual methods are still used widely throughout the field service industry, with 52% of companies using manual methods for most of their field service tasks. However, tracking information using paper forms is simply not sustainable. In fact, 80% of field service decision-makers say emerging technology is transforming customers’ expectations of their service organization. 

Failing to ditch the paper and adopt technology could mean your business gets left in the dust. Mobile field service forms allow your technicians to track all the information your field service business needs to succeed.

Paper Forms Are Holding Back Your Business

Once those technicians return from the field, their paperwork hopefully makes it back to the office so it can be filed away properly. But what kind of information are techs collecting from your customers? Does that information get sorted and tracked in a way where you can easily see trends? Or does it get filed away without a second glance?

Without a way to combine data and track trends, you may be missing out on important customer insights that could drive significant revenue opportunities.

 field service technician fills out paperwork with a pen

Key Benefits of Mobile Field Service Forms

Data collection and analysis are the future of all field service organizations. In fact, 43% of service companies are now focusing on data analytics to increase competitiveness. Data collection and analysis give you a broader view of your current customer needs and allow you to see new opportunities for potential customers.

To get ahead, your team needs to collect information from your customers. By empowering your technicians to collect data, you can gain beneficial insight into your customer’s business. It’s important to utilize the relationships that your technicians have with your customers. They are the ones in the field, face-to-face with your customers. This information also allows you to conceptualize new revenue streams and access new customers.

Mobile field service forms help boost the quality and efficiency of your entire service organization while also driving revenue.

Endless Mobile Field Form Options

Whether you need to replicate the paper forms you currently have or build new forms as you grow, there are many instances where moving your paperwork to mobile will have a big impact on your business. Read on for a few mobile form ideas that will help you better serve your customers.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventative maintenance technology enables a service business to go beyond a break/fix schedule to help prevent potentially serious equipment repairs before they occur. Customers will appreciate a proactive approach, while service organizations will reap the benefits of having predictive, scheduled revenue.

Capturing and sharing preventive maintenance checklists on a mobile device make it easy for techs to help the enterprise increase both cost savings and revenue while strengthening customer relationships.

Quality Control Inspection

The best service firms control the quality of their work with inspections, such as pre-work and post-work photos and questions. Use mobile inspection software to standardize and duplicate inspection forms, helping to streamline the process and relieve some of the pressure on field techs.

Designed to run on mobile devices, this software makes it possible for techs to fulfill requirements and report compliance in a timely and consistent manner.

Customer Feedback Form

A simple questionnaire is a perfect way to track customer satisfaction. Enter whichever metrics are being used to gauge overall customer satisfaction and loyalty: Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, CSAT, NPS, 1–5 or any other method.

By consistently gathering satisfaction ratings, companies display a commitment to their customers while creating benchmarks for themselves.

New Work Opportunity Form

Field service technicians realize that their job function has grown to include generating profits for their enterprise. Most accept this fact, according to a report from The Service Council, provided that it leads to “improved solutions for the customer,” and is supported by an overall commitment from their firm towards “training, technology and incentives.”

Most comfortable acting in an advisory role, technicians are willing to offer added value and additional service quotes as part of their company’s lead generation program. This becomes an organic process as techs identify potential service problem areas and propose recommended work as a follow-up with the customer.

OSHA Compliance Checklist

To determine that the worksite is OSHA compliant, service reps can use a simple OSHA checklist, saving time and eliminating any confusion. It also provides a verifiable report for management to ensure that all specific health and safety standards are being met.


Mobile forms can help transform the way your field service organization operates—say goodbye to lost paperwork and missing customer information. Ditching paper processes and moving toward mobile forms will help empower your technicians and utilize their unique customer access.

Ready to move your business beyond piles of paper in the technician’s truck? With Service Pro Mobile Forms Builder, create customized forms to collect the exact information you need to grow your business.