Respond to field repair requests with more speed and preparedness.
Unite management of preventive or contract field maintenance.
Mobilize field inspections and automate mobile form creation.
Optimize field service labor with field installation tools.

Digitally Transform your Field Service Operation with Service Pro® Software

Handle the full scope of field service business activities with ease, from customer calls and assets to orders, invoicing and reporting. Service Pro is the enterprise app that simplifies field service management.

  • Increase service department productivity.

  • Automate repetitive work order management tasks.

  • Perform field & office service activities in one integrated system.


With constant downward pressure on profit margins and intense competition for customers, it is more important than ever that your service department more efficiently track field resources. With powerful capabilities ranging from Dispatching and Contracts to Appointments and Work Orders, Service Pro will rapidly improve your field service performance.

“They truly act from top to bottom as a partner. They want you to succeed. There’s absolutely no question with our staff at this point that we’d ever look to another solution.” Chris Stiles, President, Total Energy Systems

Overview of Service Pro® Software Features for Field Service Management

With decades of service management software experience on staff and customers in over a dozen vertical markets, we have built extraordinarily deep service functionality into Service Pro®. We invite you to learn more and put our software to the test in your service organization.

Proven, cross-platform mobile field service app by MSI

Cloud-Based Simplicity and Ease of Use

As a cloud-based application, Service Pro makes day to day management of your service operations faster, more simple and free of on-premises IT hassles.

service pro mobile for viewpoint

Service Management for the Field and the Office

Learn more about the deep, integrated service management capabilities of Service Pro® field service management software, Shop Repair and Mobile Field Service, along with integrations with leading ERP systems such as NetSuite, Sage 100, and Viewpoint.

  • Keep the office and field in sync at all times.

  • Eliminate time-consuming, costly manual processes.

  • Empower technicians to provide more responsive, proactive service.

  • Make decisions based on current data.

work order management software

Call Taking and Dispatching

Enterprise Call Management and Service Dispatch Software for Field Service Organizations.

  • Speed service call to technician dispatch process

  • Assign the best tech for every job.

  • Easily convert calls into work orders

  • Assign using drag-and-drop visual scheduler.

service management software

Service Work Order Management

Complete suite for managing the entire service work order lifecycle, from calls, quotes and order dispatching to field technician work order management and invoicing.

  • Increase service department productivity.

  • Automate key areas of the service process.

  • Maintain continuous communication with field techs.

Mobile Service Technician App for iPad®, iPhone®, Android® & Windows®

Enterprise Mobile Software for Service Technicians for iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ and Windows™ Mobile Devices.

mobile task management
  • Empower technicians with work order, customer, and asset details.

  • Ease communication with techs in the field.

  • Capture billable work order line items such as labor time, parts used and tasks.

Asset Tracking

Propel your Service Business with Service Pro® Enterprise Field Service Asset Tracking and Management Capabilities for Customer Site Equipment.

asset tracking software
  • Track asset history and monitor performance.

  • Monitor service contract sales and success.

  • Maximize service revenue with visibility of customer asset info.


Provide granularity and insight into work orders by organizing, configuring, assigning, tracking, and analyzing them through segments.

  • Group work order phases into segments.

  • Capture minute work order details for more accurate reporting.

  • Record labor and tasks to individual work order segments.

field service segments


Manage, report upon and reduce the number of appointments required to meet customer field service expectations.

mobile scheduler appointments
  • Meet customer expectations on the first visit.

  • Track and manage visit details like work type, technician or asset.

  • Assess meaningful service detail to improve field service efficiency.

Visual Scheduler

Make quick and intelligent scheduling decisions with ease using visual tech location, status and skill-set information.

  • Track tech location & status in real time.

  • Assign the best technician for every job.

  • Easily convert calls into work orders.

  • Assign using drag-and-drop visual scheduler.

service and dispatch field service software

Customer Experience

Grow your customer relationships with self-service tools, automated communications, and comprehensive service history.

  • Provide your customers on-demand access to their service history and documentation.

  • Allow your customers to request service online.

  • Give your customers online access to view and download inspection results and reports.

  • Offer customers to-the-minute updates on technician arrival time with automated text and email.

MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience for field service organizations 

Spare Parts / Inventory

Extensive inventory / spare parts tracking capabilities for service management staff and technicians.

  • Maintain accurate measure of inventory/ spare parts.

  • Monitor and reorder stock based on prior projected usage.

  • Track warehouse and van parts inventory.

field service inventory management

Task Tracking

Improve field technician performance and closely track service profitability with task tracking for the field and the office.

  • Configure, track and analyze ongoing tasks.

  • Capture minute work order details for more accurate reporting.

  • Create a service bill of materials to store tasks within a work order.

task management software

Service Contracts

All-in-one service contract management, from quoting and contract creation to installment invoicing and automated scheduling.

  • Maximize recurring service revenue from preventive maintenance.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with ongoing service relationship.

  • Organize complex service contract programs.

service contract management

Experience the Power of Field Service Management Software

Why should businesses leverage Service Pro® field service job management software? Discover how this reliable software solution enhances every aspect of your operations.

Increase Productivity 

Leverage Service Pro®’s digital application for job management to significantly boost field team productivity. Our software includes advanced scheduling tools that optimize routes and task assignments, minimizing downtime between jobs. This enables field service technicians to complete more assignments within shorter timeframes, effectively increasing the number of daily service calls and reducing operational costs.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Our field management software enhances operational efficiency significantly. With remote access to essential information such as job details, customer history, troubleshooting guides, equipment manuals, and service agreements, field technicians can avoid frequent office visits. This access not only speeds up response times but also cuts down on wasted time, streamlining overall business operations and improving service delivery.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Service Pro® dramatically elevates customer satisfaction by fostering efficient communication between clients and field service teams. Our commercial field service management software enables timely updates regarding appointment times, job status, changes, and delays. This transparency reduces customer frustration and builds trust over time. Integrated GPS tracking provides accurate arrival estimates, enhancing the customer experience by allowing clients to plan their day more effectively.

Maximize Profitability

Companies that invest in Service Pro® see substantial increases in net profit margins—often doubling or tripling within a few years. Our service business management software helps businesses utilize their resources more effectively and streamline scheduling to minimize travel times. These improvements ensure better services, foster customer loyalty, and significantly enhance revenue potential. Additionally, embedded financial analytics tools assist in monitoring and maximizing profitability.

Go Paperless

Service Pro® is an ideal solution for companies transitioning to a paperless workflow. Enterprise field service management software allows for digitally creating and signing all documentation, supporting a more sustainable operational model. Digital management of scheduling and dispatching eliminates the need for printed schedules and job tickets, reducing paper waste and costs. Furthermore, the software supports remote collaboration, allowing team members to work efficiently without needing physical documents, thereby enhancing organizational productivity.

Automate Billing

Automate your billing processes with Service Pro® to streamline operations further. As technicians complete jobs, they update their details in the application, triggering the system to prepare invoices. The software automatically generates invoices based on these job completions, significantly reducing the time and errors associated with manual billing. This automation ensures timely billing and improves cash flow.

Gain Comprehensive Visibility

With Service Pro®, organizations gain a comprehensive overview of their operations, enabling effective management and strategic decision-making. The software’s GPS tracking helps monitor the locations of field technicians, optimize routes, and efficiently assign jobs. Managers can also access key performance metrics such as first-time fix rates, job completion times, and customer satisfaction scores. By analyzing these metrics, business leaders can identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make informed, data-driven decisions.


What is field service management software?

Field service management software is a technological solution that helps companies streamline workflows and manage field service workers. To guarantee a positive outcome, it supports a majority of activities involved in utilizing field resources, such as field service scheduling, dispatch and parts management, mobile and desktop reporting, and payment processing. The key features of service management software typically include dashboards and apps for managers, field technicians, customer support professionals, and other personnel to facilitate smooth business operations.

Do I need field service software?

As a future-oriented, customer-centric business owner or manager, you need a field service management solution in your arsenal. With it, you can maximize productivity, optimize resource usage, increase consumer satisfaction, and multiply profitability. Keep in mind that the right software solution for your enterprise will depend on your industry. For instance, field service software can be tailored to the unique needs of field workers in telecommunications or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). 

How does field service management software help with dispatching?

Field service management software for small businesses and enterprises can improve the dispatching process by streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and optimizing resource allocation. With these technological tools, managers can schedule service appointments (factoring in things like location, skills, urgency, and availability) to ensure the right technician is assigned to the specific tasks. 

How does field service management software help with scheduling?

Field service software boasts a plethora of features that facilitate scheduling. These include a platform that allows for centralized and automated scheduling, minimizing the chances of making errors. At the same time, the tools provide real-time updates on job statuses and technician availability to help managers make informed scheduling decisions. Furthermore, some field service management software solutions have drag-and-drop interfaces that boost flexibility, making it easy to accommodate last-minute changes or urgent requests without necessarily disrupting the entire schedule. 

Can my team use field management software on mobile?

Field service management software is compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With integrated mobile field service software, your team can receive job assignments, view schedules, access essential customer information, and even update job statuses while still in the field. 

What is the cost of field management software? 

Field management software pricing varies from one solution to another depending on aspects such as the available features, company size, number of users, flexibility, and customization options. To get you started, Service Pro® offers a free demo to help you decide on the right solution for your business.