Does Service Pro® run on iOS or Android devices?

Yes. Service Pro runs natively and cross-platform on iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets. Because Service Pro is a native mobile app, it can also be run off-line in disconnected environments.

Is Service Pro a cloud-based application?

Yes, Service Pro is a multi-tenant cloud-based application that is accessed and used through an internet browser.

Does the Service Pro® Mobile app work offline?

Yes. Service Pro runs natively and cross-platform on iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices, and as such, may be used in disconnected environments. A connection is required to sync.

How does Service Pro help my back office communicate with the field?

Our visual field service scheduler is the best way to connect back-office schedulers and dispatchers with field technicians. When technicians update their job status, the back office has visibility into where they are and what jobs they’re working on without having to interrupt with a phone call. Dispatchers can see where the technicians are by locating data from their smart phone or from the GPS device in their vehicle.

What types of companies use Service Pro?

Organizations in a wide variety of industries use Service Pro to manage their service operation and field workforce. Some of the most common industries our customers operate in are Heavy Equipment, Cable, HVAC, Construction, Medical Equipment, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Can Service Pro have recurring appointments?

Yes. You have the option of making service contract recurring appointments as part of the contract. You can specify the frequency of the appointment and the system automatically generates a work order at that frequency.

What accounting systems does Service Pro work with?

Service Pro partners with several accounting systems including NetSuite, Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90), Vista by Viewpoint Construction Software, Quickbooks and Macola.

Can Service Pro help me monitor company vehicles?

Yes. We currently work with several GPS, telematics, and fleet management partners including Geotab, Trimble and TomTom.

What types of reports does the software include?

Service Pro includes over 100 reports out of the box. You can also use Crystal Reports, which give you the ability to write your own report. Customers can add reporting widgets in the service portal and real-time reports available through our Service Pro stakeholder portals. We’re constantly building new reports for our customers.

Is the software customizable?

Yes. You can customize reports, portals, and even create your own widgets to fit the needs of your company. Customers can also add user defined fields.

Can my customers submit or view the status of their work orders?

Yes. Customers can see their work order status through Service Pro’s portals.

How can I access the mobile app?

Our mobile app is available in Apple’s app store, Google’s play store and the Microsoft Windows 10 app store. We also work with mobile device management (MDM) tools to deploy the application. Only current Service Pro customers will be able to connect data gathered on the mobile app.

Can Service Pro run on rugged mobile devices?

Yes. Providing the rugged device runs a supported iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

How long does it take to get Service Pro up and running?

Service Pro implementation typically lasts between 30-120 days. Implementation varies based on a variety of factors including number of users, locations, desired applications within Service Pro, and customer timeframe.

How is initial training handled?

A Service Pro representative will come on site for as much of the implementation or training process as necessary. After a project kick-off meeting, we track milestones and provide virtual training.

How does Service Pro licensing work?

Licensing for Service Pro is established on a per user, subscription basis, which also includes support and access to all future updates.

Are updates included?

Yes. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our software based on our own roadmaps as well as customer demand.

Is Service Pro deployed on premises or in the cloud?

Service Pro is a SaaS (software as a service) application that is deployed and used in the cloud.

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