Streamlined Service Workflow Cuts Invoice Cycle in Half for NetSuite Users

Faster payment, less paperwork, and more efficient service processes made possible with NetSuite-connected field service management


Field service management software connected to your NetSuite ERP can automate repetitive, manual tasks to speed up the entire start-to-finish service process.

Not only can you eliminate paperwork in the field and save days worth of data entry, but you can also grow your revenue with field service automation. In fact, 50% of field service organizations identify automation as the greatest contributor to revenue growth.

And Service Pro for NetSuite users are reaping those benefits. We asked a couple companies that use the NetSuite ERP to share their experience with MSI’s Service Pro software.

Keep reading to see how Pipeline Equipment Resources Company (PERC) and Shelby Mechanical use the Service Pro field service management software for NetSuite to collect payments faster, save time and money, and improve the technician experience.



In-depth work orders

When looking for a field service management software, PERC had different aspects of their business to keep in mind. Their technicians needed to be able to complete their work more efficiently.

“We have about 15 technicians that travel the northeast doing service work,” says PERC director of operations, Tom Foley. “We looked for a business system that could handle our distribution business and our service business.”

PERC has streamlined communication between the field and back office with MSI’s Service Pro for NetSuite. Now instead of delaying the billing process by a couple weeks, it can begin as soon as service is completed. 

Foley says, “As soon as we enter the order in NetSuite and we hit the button, it’s over to Service Pro and it’s being scheduled. I can look at the order in either place and see what’s going on. It’s almost live. I know what the guy did yesterday, or an hour ago.”


Same-day payments

When Shelby Mechanical implemented Service Pro for NetSuite, they knew they needed to speed up their billing cycle. Switching to a digital service management system allowed for quicker turnaround times for billing and better communication between employees.

“With Service Pro, we can dispatch instantly, and the technicians are able to communicate through the app to let the back office know what work was performed and how much the customer paid,” says Shelby Mechanical’s Megan Mitter. “Now we can send invoices and estimates the same day without multiple phone calls back and forth between employees.”

According to Megan, “The entire process of a service order is very seamless. Invoices go out instantly, and payments are recorded the same day.”



Stop entering data twice

With the ability to collect information in Service Pro, then sync to the back office, PERC was able to reduce their amount of paper work orders. And they eliminated the need for back office workers to re-enter data from the field for billing purposes, which saves them a full day of data entry duties.

Having all the information in one location allows employees to focus on more productive tasks.

Foley loves Service Pro’s integration with NetSuite, which means information entered in NetSuite immediately syncs with Service Pro, and vice versa. “That’s probably the biggest advantage: to have seamless integration with all of the information that used to be in islands all in one spot.

No more calls to technicians to clarify messy handwriting or hours spent typing in numbers from crumpled pieces of paper. Service Pro for NetSuite records and transfers all the information you need.


Faster field-to-office communication

For Shelby Mechanical, tracking time and labor using just paper was a big struggle. 

“We relied on paper invoices to be turned in from the technicians to know what happened and how much we were paid,” says Shelby Mechanical’s Megan Mitter.

Since upgrading to a fully digital service process, including Service Pro for NetSuite, technicians, back office workers, and customers all communicate more effectively.

All this makes for a better experience for both Shelby Mechanical’s customers and employees alike. As Megan says, “Communication with customers and the field from the back office and vice versa has proven to be much more efficient all around.”

Ditching paper has allowed Shelby to help everyone stay on the same page and help ensure that their customers are satisfied.



Convenient maintenance history on mobile

Technicians often need extensive background information in order to complete a job. 

When was the last time this piece of equipment was serviced? 

What parts have been replaced? When? By whom?

Service Pro for NetSuite allows technicians to see the history of each client down to each individual machine or part. This is incredibly important for PERC.

“We go back to the same customers over and over again,” says Foley, “so we need the ability to track sites, along with specific equipment on each site. We need the history of the equipment.”

There is no longer any need to sort through old paperwork to find the information that a technician is looking for. Everything can be documented and accessible anytime to every member of your team. Technicians can prepare before going to a job site and also improvise on the fly if plans change. All the information they need is in the palm of their hands.


More prepared for the job

Many service companies dread having to schedule a return trip. And customers don’t like it, either. In fact, 63% of customers agree that a service company’s failure to resolve the problem the first time is unacceptable.

With a robust, NetSuite-integrated mobile app, technicians can arrive on site better prepared to get the job done right the first time. 

According to Megan from Shelby Mechanical, having access to the complete details of appointments ahead of time helped technicians show up on site, ready to complete the task. 

“The technicians are able to see their appointments as far out as they are scheduled,” Megan says. “This helps them know what materials they’ll need and gives them the opportunity to prep for their jobs.”

Technicians no longer need to sort through piles of paperwork to prepare for work each day. All the information they need to get the job done right the first time is in the palm of their hands.



By pairing Service Pro and NetSuite, you can achieve the benefits of a fully mobilized field service solution. 

Office administration and service techs love how Service Pro and NetSuite make tracking field service time easy. With Service Pro, every labor detail and minute of time is entered at the click of a button. And upon sync, customers can be immediately billed digitally from NetSuite. 

Within weeks of implementing Service Pro for NetSuite, companies achieve greater time savings, faster billing, and more efficient service processes. Improvements across the board can be expected—in field visibility, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and more.

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